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Spring Sessions 2018

Spring Sessions 2018

Spring Sessions is an experiential learning program and arts residency in Amman, co-founded and co-directed by Noura Al Khasawneh and Toleen Touq.

The program creates a collaborative environment for artistic exchange between cultural practitioners. Conceived every spring as a 100-day program of workshops, mentoring sessions, research excursions and other activities, the organizers' purpose is to question existing paradigms by experimenting outside of traditional modes of learning, while consciously engaging with communities and institutions to create a fluid cultural landscape. In addition to the learning activities, Spring Sessions has developed a practice of ongoing collaborations with artists, researchers and cultural organisations responding to concerns that emerge from each program.

Spring Sessions 2018

From 1 April to 15 May 2018, a collective stroll will start from the northern tip of Jordan, ending in Sinai, Egypt. Spanning a distance of over 400 kilometers in 6 weeks, the participants will engage with the act of walking over a changing terrain, and seek ways to contribute their artistic practices. Celebrating five years of Spring Sessions, this walk will be an opportunity to reflect on learning and art-making outside of institutional frameworks and in the midst of constant relocation and movement.

Confirmed participants as of 1 March 2018:
Åbäke, Yaser Amad, Parastoo Anoushahpour, Yvonne Buchheim, Victoria Dabdoub, Jonathas de Andrade, Övül Durmuşoğlu, Karim-Yassin Goessinger, Eric Gottesman, Hussam Hasan, Raed Ibrahim, Rheim Alkadhi, Ola Khalidi, Noura Al Khasawneh, F. T. Kola, Nicolas Austin Legros, Asuncion Molinos-Gordo, Melika Quteishat, Noura Salem, Gian Spina, Mohammed Tayyeb, Toleen Touq, Hong-Kai Wang.

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Spring Sessions

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