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Kirche der Palme

Die südliche der Zwillingskirchen, erbaut im späten 6. / frühen 7. Jahrhundert. Blick auf die Apsis mit Mosaikboden, die ein Stück in die Stadtmauer hinein gebaut ist.

The mosaic floor of the apsed presbyterium is relatively intact. The area is decorated with a unified central composition with a semicircle on the eastern side enclosed in a guilloche. The semicircle has an outlined orthogonal pattern of adjacent hexagons forming squares and is divided by a line from a rectangular area decorated with vine scrolls. These are on two sides of a central palm tree which is growing from a vase. In the eight scrolls are the figures of two-peacocks facing the palm, two winged creatures, two lambs, a third animal and a rosette motif. The headsof the two lambs were destroyed during the construction of the altar. The surround along the wall in the apse is decorated with six adjacent circles , bordered on the west by two small grids.
(Aus: Michele Piccirillo, Seiten 393/394)

© Foto: Haupt & Binder

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