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Church of the Virgin Mary

An eight-line dedicatory inscription lies in a tabula ansata in front of the chancel screen of the sanctuary, separated from the step by florets and diamonds:
"At the time of our most pious father, Bishop Theophane, this most beautiful mosaic work was realized in the glorious and venerable house of the holy and immaculate queen ... Mother of God. Thanks to the zeal and ardor of the people who love Christ in this city of Madaba, for the salvation, and assistance, and remission of sins of those who have made offerings, and of those who will make offerings, to this holy place. Amen, O Lord. Finished by the grace of God in the month of February in the year -74, of the fifth indiction."

In the spaces between the square frame and the circular composition are two pairs of geometric-floral motifs. Next to each one of the eastern pair, which are in the form of rosettes, there is a tray of fruit with a knife.

(From: Michele Piccirillo, page 65)

© Photo: Haupt & Binder

Archaeological Park 1

Eastern section: Exhibition of mosaics, Hippolytus Hall, Virgin Mary Church, Crypt of St. Elianus, Roman Street, the Madaba Institute for Mosaic Art and Restoration.

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