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Trail 2: Jebel Qala'a

Trail 2: Jebel Qala'a

Up and around Al-Qala'a hill

North from Al-Ain Plaza, left from Daoud Building on the corner of Hammam Street is the access to the Haddadin Stairs that climb up to Al-Qala'a lookout. This vantage point overlooking the city towards the south is on the upper street level that surrounds the hill, still below the peak towered by a white mosque.

The trail passes two city landmarks: the English Complex, with Anglican Church and Hospital, and the historical Qaqish House, headquarters of the As-Salt City Development Project, behind which descend the stairs reaching Al-Khader Street to continue uphill to the Orthodox Church of the Dormition of Virgin Mary, and the Al Khader Church, where Christians and Muslims pray together.

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