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1 - 30 abril 2019

Título: Wandering

Curadora: Linda Al Khoury

Organizador: Darat Al Tasweer

Darat Al Tasweer organized the 8th edition of the Image Festival Amman, under the theme “Wandering ترحال” that took place from the 1st until the 30th of April 2019, supported by the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation, as main sponsor for this year.

The opening event of the Image Festival Amman on April 1st was at the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts featuring the work of the renowned photographer Josef Koudelka, including his photoessay “Gypsies” in partnership with Magnum Photos. With the presence of the photographer and a representative from Magnum Photos, it was the first exhibition from Magnum presented in Amman.

Along with Josef Koudelka, the Image Festival Amman featured the Italian legend photographer Mimmo Jodice, in partnership with the Italian Embassy in Amman, as well as National Geographic's and VII agency's photographer Ed Kashi, along with over 20 photographers, and in partnership with over 15 venues in Amman, and additional exhibitions in Salt, Madaba and Irbid. Venues included: Jacaranda Images, NOFA, MMAG Foundation, Nabad Art Gallery, Dar Al-Anda Art Gallery, Tajalla, Fann wa Chai, FADA 317, German Jordanian University, Artisana Jordan, Al Mamar, Haya Cultural Center, Società Dante Alighieri, Duke's Design Center, Sama VA, Methrah for Arts and Culture.

Solo exhibitions:
Josef Koudelka, Mimmo Jodice, Ed Kashi Fakhri, El Ghezal, Tariq Dajanl, Elsie Haddad, Salem Bouchagour, Thilo Remini, Pedro David, Sinisa Vlajkovic, Rocío Villalonga, Mohammed Zakaria, M'hammed Killito, Mira Khleif, Paola Farran, Bashar Tabbah, Marwan Tahtah, Karsten Kronas, Oqba Faraj, Ziad Naitaddl, Mohammed Alsanani, Samah Arafat, Fadli Hadji

Group exhibitions:
Wandering - Home
I wander In my dream
IWPA 2019
The Newspaper
Haya Cultural Center Kids

École Biblique

Curator: Linda Al Khoury

Curator: Linda Al Khoury

Born in 1979, in Amman – Jordan, Linda was fascinated by photography as a child and began taking pictures at the age of 13 when she was given her first 110mm compact camera. In 1998 Linda took her first course in black and white photography followed by special studies in 2002 at The Saint Spirit University / Keslik, in Lebanon. In 2007, with her accumulated experience, Linda established Darat Al Tasweer photography center.

Linda Al Khoury has been teaching photography since 2005, she works as a professional photographer specialized in architecture. She dedicates time for her passion to the art of documentary photography and she is working on her long term project "Stories from the Mountains of Amman". The first phase along with other projects, such as "Stories from Jabal Al Lweibdeh", were exhibited in different places around the world. In 2013, Linda established Fann Wa Chai Art Gallery & Tea Bar, a cultural space in Amman that aims at engaging the general public with arts and culture.

Darat Al Tasweer

Darat Al Tasweer

Darat Al Tasweer is a specialized center dedicated to photography, providing photography courses, workshops, hosting of exhibitions, organizing competitions and trips that engage all photography lovers. Darat Al Tasweer aims to inspire and introduce the art and craft of photography and its new technologies to both amateurs and professional photographers in Jordan. Darat Al Tasweer was established in 2007 at the heart of Jabal Al Lweibdeh, one of the oldest areas in Amman. It developed to become a creative space dedicated to the Art of Photography in Jordan, offering various learning and participation opportunities in international exhibitions and competitions.


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© Photo top: Courtesy of Hareth Tabbalat.
Exhibition of Fakhri El Ghezal at Cultural Shell | ālmamar

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