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Smuggling Find

Glass container with execution lists, poems and documents smuggled out of Ravensbrück. It was excavated in 1975 between Burg Stargard and Neubrandenburg.

Restlessness (Niepokój)

This day is just like Chopin's "Restlessness",
Birds circle low overhead.
Full of restlessness. Chased from their nests.
Eavesdropping. Nature is silent.
Pre-thunderstorm sultriness.
From the west flow deep, dark clouds.
Spring winds stream one over the other in the sky,
Lurking fear in the heart.
Longing... Longing.
I want to walk on softened, wide paths,
Listen to the wind murmur.
Catch the breath of spring.
Feel deep. Find the silence of love.
I go... Can't find it.
Constantly back and forth.
Somewhere far behind farmer's huts remain.
Clouds drifted east. And on the eastern side
Stand lonely, dark, tilted trees.
They stand in wind and stillness,
Moved by restlessness.

Grażyna Chrostowska's last poem

As a note is written on the last page of the four sheets that had been smuggled out:

Grazyna Chrostowska, 20 years old, arrested on May 2, 1941 in Lublin, shot on April 18, 1942 in Ravensbrück. We are sending a part of her poems. We are trying to send others in this way as well. Please keep these things in your memory or in the original, because you surely realize what a great value they are for us. Ravensbrück 1943.