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58. Internationale Kunstausstellung, la Biennale di Venezia

11. Mai - 24. November 2019
Pressetage: 8. - 10. Mai 2019

May You Live in Interesting Times
Zentrale internationale Ausstellung

Kurator: Ralph Rugoff

Am 16. Juli 2018 haben der Präsident der Biennale Venedig, Paolo Baratta, und der Kurator der 58. Internationalen Kunstausstellung, Ralph Rugoff, den Titel und den konzeptionellen Rahmen der Biennale Arte 2019 bekanntgegeben.

Der Titel der 58. Internationalen Kunstausstellung lautet May You Live in Interesting Times, nach einel alten chinesischen Fluch, der sich auf Zeiten von Unsicherheit, Krise und Aufruhr bezieht - "interessante Zeiten", genau wie die, in denen wir heute leben.

Ralph Rugoff erläutert seine Wahl wie folgt:

"At a moment when the digital dissemination of fake news and 'alternative facts' is corroding political discourse and the trust on which it depends, it is worth pausing whenever possible to reassess our terms of reference. The 58th International Art Exhibition will not have a theme per se, but will highlight a general approach to making art and a view of art’s social function as embracing both pleasure and critical thinking. Artists who think in this manner offer alternatives to the meaning of so-called facts by suggesting other ways of connecting and contextualising them."

"May You Live in Interesting Times will aim to welcome its public to an expansive experience of the deep involvement, absorption and creative learning that art makes possible. This will entail engaging visitors in a series of encounters that are essentially playful, taking into account that it is when we play that we are most fully 'human.' This will mean tweaking aspects of the Exhibition format where possible to make sure they are sympathetically aligned with the character of the art being presented."

Präsident Paolo Baratta erklärte:

"Through the appointment of Ralph Rugoff as Curator, we meant to contribute and give further formal clarity to the idea that we have nurtured in the last twenty years about the role of La Biennale and especially of the Art Exhibition."


"In 1998, on this very same date, July 16, the reformed Biennale appointed Harald Szeemann as first curator of the new Biennale. This choice was suggested by the very history of the institution. The Art Exhibition traditionally resulted from the coming together of several exhibitions, each one with its own theme and curators. In 1980, one of these sections was titled Aperto (Open), a name that encapsulated a different atmosphere of openness to the world; this was also curated by Szeemann, among others. It is unsurprising that his first Biennale in 1999 was titled dAPERTutto (APERTO overALL). The germ of the 1980 exhibition thus grew into the International exhibition."

"We are committed to the principle that the institution must be a machine for desire whose mission is to buttress and boost our need to see further beyond, a need that art can help us fulfill. But the Biennale should also be the place where each single visitor is strongly encouraged to come face to face with the work of art. The institution, the places, the works selected by the Curator, their spatial display, the atmosphere that the institution can create, all of these must contribute to building favourable conditions that allow visitors to feel engaged when meeting the artwork, as if they were players on a fencing strip, ready for a bout."

Wie zu allen Editionen seit 2001 veröffentlicht Universes in Universe - Welten der Kunst auch zur 58. Internationalen Kunstausstellung 2019 wieder ein großes Special.

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