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Research Pavilion #3: Research Ecologies

Im Kontext der 58. Internationalen Kunstausstellung, La Biennale di Venezia

9. Mai - 28. August 2019

Koordinatoren: Mika Elo und Henk Slager

Initiiert und ausgerichtet von Uniarts Helsinki
Die Edition #3 wird in Kooperation mit der Louise and Göran Ehrnrooth Foundation und internationalen Partnerinstitutionen realisiert.

Sala del Camino, Giudecca
Adresse, Öffnungszeiten, Karte

The perspectives of artistic research challenge the established art biennale context as the third Research Pavilion, hosted by the University of the Arts Helsinki, takes place in Venice between May and August 2019.

The overarching title of the Pavilion, Research Ecologies, refers to the rich network of approaches involved. How can a band work as a transdisciplinary research group, or in what way do artists research contaminated soil? Emerging topics in this year’s Pavilion are related to ecology, humans’ relationship to nature, other modes of agency, phenomenological methodologies, and speculative fictions.

Research Pavilion #3 has a modular structure consisting of six Research Cells. Instead of being focused on a curated exhibition, the Research Pavilion #3 offers a space for parallel processes of exhibiting, performing, exposing and discussing artistic research. These are realised by so called Research Cells in semi-autonomous and often parallel ways.

Research Cells

Cemetery Archipelago:
On the imaginaries of human and non-human death

Disruptive Processes + Artistic Intelligence Research Alternator AIRA


Territories :: Dialects

Through Phenomena Themselves: Exploring new possibilities of mutual enhancement between artistic and phenomenological research practices

Traces from the Anthropocene:
Working with Soil & Insects among Us

The Pavilion, situated in the Sala del Camino on Giudecca, will be a vibrant, changing space that presents the multiple methods and practices of conducting artistic research. Some sections will be arranged as exhibitions, some build on participation or performative research. The artist researchers will also work together in residency periods in Venice as well as organise events, workshops, performances and discussions open to the public. Each opening day the Pavilion will offer moderated hours, inviting visitors to have a conversation with artist researchers involved.
Detailliertes Programm

Die Koordinatoren des Projekts:

Mika Elo
Professor, Universität der Künste Helsinki

Henk Slager
Professor und Kurator, Niederlande

The high season in Venice is just one dimension of the Research Pavilion project. Research Pavilion #3 uses the international research database Research Catalogue as a collaborative space for documenting and archiving the activities of the research cells, forming a living archive of their work.
Research Catalogue

The Research Pavilion is an ongoing project created and hosted by the University of the Arts Helsinki. Research Pavilion #3 is created in cooperation with the Louise and Göran Ehrnrooth Foundation and international partner institutions: Aalto University, Valand Academy of Arts at the University of Gothenburg, University of Applied Arts Vienna, and Interlab Hongik University Seoul.

Reeta Holma, +358 45 657 9347

Ort, Öffnungszeiten:

Sala del Camino
Chiostro SS. Cosma e Damiano
Campo San Cosmo, Giudecca 621
30133 Venezia
Vaporetto-Halt: Palanca

10 - 18 Uhr
Führungen 10 -12 Uhr
Dienstags geschlossen
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