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The Kingdom of a Thousand Suns / Camera Lucida

160 cm x 190 cm x 360 cm
Impresión Lambda sobre película acrílica, luces LED, espuma de uretano, placa de plomo, madera, papel.

Soundproof chamber containing a film that was buried in a place where the radiation is 36 micro Sieverts per hour, 800 m south from the Fukushima Nuclear plant, and retrieved after six months without being exposed to light. The film is framed in a light box that is lit with LEDs powered with solar energy paid through a post hoc contract with a Green energy company from Japan for the period of the exhibition. The contract and the terms of the contract are also shown as a part of the work.

© Foto: Yoi Kawakubo

Yoi Kawakubo: El Sur

Entrevista sobre su obra en la Trienal de Yokohama 2017, el desarrollo de su proceso creativo y sus fuentes de inspiración.

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