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SOUTH WEST BANK. © Photo: Adam Broomberg with Rafael González (detail)

SOUTH WEST BANK. Landworks, Collective Action and Sound

Kollateraler Event der 60. Internationalen Kunstausstellung, La Biennale di Venezia

20. April - 24. November 2024

Kurator: Jonathan Turner

Beteiligte, siehe unten

Organisiert von Artists + Allies x Hebron, präsentiert in Kooperation mit Dar Jacir for Art and Research, Bethlehem

Ort: Magazzino Gallery, Palazzo Contarini Polignac

Die Ausstellung SOUTH WEST BANK - Landworks, Collective Action and Sound zeigt Arbeiten von Künstlerinnen, Künstlern, Kollektiven und Verbündeten im und um das südliche Westjordanland in Palästina. Sie wird organisiert von Artists + Allies x Hebron und präsentiert in Kooperation mit Dar Jacir for Art and Research in Bethlehem.

Die beteiligten Künstlerinnen und Künstler befassen sich mit Aspekten des Bodens, der Landwirtschaft und des Kulturerbes in einer sich ständig rasch verändernden Topografie. Sie verbindet das Interesse für historische Überlieferungen von Erinnerung und Kollektivität. Die Arbeiten verkörpern den Gedanken, dass "Heimat" in vielen traditionellen Praktiken stark verwurzelt ist, so wie das im Thema Stranieri Ovunque – Foreigners Everywhere der Biennale Arte 2024 enthalten ist, das deren künstlerischer Leiter Adriano Pedrosa konzipiert hat.

Die Arbeiten stärken die Verbindung von Ausdrucksformen und kulturellen Identitäten in sich wandelnden urbanen und landwirtschaftlichen Gebieten. Sie vermitteln landwirtschaftliche Praktiken, einheimische Anbau- und Sammelmethoden sowie menschliche und nicht-menschliche Rhythmen als sensorischen Widerstand. Tanz, Musik und Rhythmus als eine Form der Poesie, des Widerstands und der Lebenserhaltung sind von großer Bedeutung. Die Ausstellung präsentiert Klanggeschichten, in denen sich die Symbiose zwischen Vegetation und Natur manifestiert.

Abby CHEN and YUAN Goang-Ming © Photo: Courtesy of Taipei Fine Arts Museum

Adam Broomberg with Rafael González: Anchor in the Landscape, 2022. Photograph of the Al Badawi olive tree, Palestine, 203 x 162 cm. © Courtesy of the artists

"The intent is to look at process-based artistic practice being produced by Palestinian artists and allies in the southern West Bank, an area which is often culturally over-looked," according to curator Jonathan Turner. "Our exhibition is particularly focused on collectives and a multi-faceted approach, from photographs and videos documenting aspects of daily life and resilience against a background of conflict, to performance projects which find their voice as they develop. It plots change over time in a shifting landscape. The artworks, publications, moving images, soundworks and sculptures clearly reveal the strength and value of inventiveness, propositive thought and open research in the current climate."

The exhibition includes photographs, installations, archival images and videos from several land projects initiated by artists; the works from a seed conservation initiative, a permaculture designer and educator, documentation of rural life and practices, the cultivation, neglect and destruction of traditional olive groves, and discussions of biodiversity and heirloom varieties. It also focuses on literary writing and documentation, dance as a form of collective making and artistic practice, and other works that place a strong emphasis on sound-making. Central to the work of the artists presented by Dar Jacir for Art and Research are discussions, gatherings and the fostering of exchange and intimacy in their artistic process.

Abby CHEN and YUAN Goang-Ming © Photo: Courtesy of Taipei Fine Arts Museum

Emily Jacir and Andrea de Siena: Paesaggio Umano, 2022. Dance performance. © Photo by Nurin Kaoud. Courtesy of the artists.

“The works produced at Dar Jacir reflect the transgenerational nature of our practice and the interdisciplinary connections between us all. Through our space conversations unfold across many years and we insist on maintaining the global interconnectedness that has always been part of the history of Bethlehem. For the past 10 years at Dar Jacir we have fostered in depth relationships and exchanges with Chile, southern Italy and Ireland. Also our insistence of our belonging to the Mediterranean is an integral aspect to the works.” - Emily Jacir, founding director.

Meanwhile, Artists + Allies x Hebron aims to draw the attention of the international community to the situation in Hebron H2, where Israel exercises military control to monitor every aspect of Palestinian life throughout the West Bank. It focuses on engagement to gain a genuine and firsthand understanding of the situation on the ground.

“All the work presented here was made in a very specific part of the world. The works focus on what should ordinarily be objects, movements and sounds of abundance, joy and collectivity. In this context however, they all acquire a new sense of urgency. A photograph of an olive tree, more than 4,500 years old, which has remained untouched for centuries, suddenly feels so precarious. The hope lies in the collective spirit of how the individual works were made and how the exhibition has evolved." - Adam Broomberg co-founder of Artists + Allies x Hebron.

The works featured in the exhibition express an Anthropocene rooted in forced dispossession and occupation.

Abby CHEN and YUAN Goang-Ming © Photo: Courtesy of Taipei Fine Arts Museum

Duncan Campbell with Samer Barbari: Nothing Impossible, 2018. Project to restore and repaint a 1987 Peugeot 405. © Photo by Emily Jacir. Courtesy of the artists.


The exhibition includes works from Issa Amro, Samer Barbari, Adam Broomberg, Duncan Campbell, Rafael González, Isabella Hammad, Shayma Hammad, Chris Harding, Baha Hilo, Emily Jacir, Sebastián Jatz Rawicz, Benjamin Lind, Jumana Manna, Michael Rakowitz, Mohammad Saleh, Vivien Sansour, Andrea de Siena, and Dima Srouji.

In addition, participants from the Researching Palestine Zine Group coordinated by Chris Harding include Suzannah Henty, Raghad Hilal, Ramzi Nimr, Hanna Salmon, Laura Tibi and Marta Wodz.

About the curator

Jonathan Turner has been working as an art critic, writer, editor and independent curator for more than 35 years, based in Rome, Sydney and Amsterdam. Over this time, as curator, he has organized more than 350 solo shows and group exhibitions for a large number of international modern and contemporary artists in art galleries and public museums throughout Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, Slovakia, the U.K., China, Macau, Korea, Australia, New Zealand and the U.S, including career retrospectives and performance events, publishing numerous monographs, catalogues and artists' books aligned to these exhibitions.

Since the early 1990s, at the International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia, he has worked closely with artists for different exhibitions as well as for the National pavilions of the Netherlands, Australia, Italy and Malta, including as part of the executive committee of Aperto in 1993 with Biennale artistic director Achille Bonito Oliva.

About Artists + Allies x Hebron

Artists + Allies x Hebron (AAH) aims to draw the attention of the international community to the situation in Hebron H2, where Israel exercises military control, enforcing a modern-day apartheid and using cut-edge surveillance technologies to monitor every aspect of Palestinian life throughout the West Bank, violating their fundamental human right of privacy. AAH broadcasts projects performed in H2 outwards to a global network of cultural venues and associated digital platforms. It also invites high-profile figures of the art world to visit Hebron, where they have the opportunity to engage with local artists and activists as well as to gain a genuine and firsthand understanding of the situation on the ground.

AAH was founded by Issa Amro and Adam Broomberg. Amro is a Palestinian activist based in Hebron and is the co-founder of the grassroots group Youth Against Settlements. He advocates nonviolent resistance and civil disobedience to fight the Israeli Occupation of the Palestinian Territories. In 2010, he was declared “human rights defender of the year in Palestine” by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). Broomberg is an artist, educator and activist based in Berlin. As a former anti-apartheid activist belonging to a family of Jewish Holocaust survivors, he has a unique podium from which to declare his outspoken opposition to the occupation of Palestine, dedicating his time to using his leverage in the art world for actions in Palestine.

Dar Jacir for Art and Research

Dar Jacir for Art and Research, founded in 2014, is a multi-disciplinary space devoted to educational, cultural, and agricultural exchanges in Bethlehem, Palestine. A process and practice-oriented platform, it is an experimental learning hub for the Bethlehem community and beyond. Through a participatory approach, collective knowledge is created, new works are produced, and structures for care and repair are fostered. Dar Jacir is the only artist-led space in the Southern West Bank that provides arts education and residency programs for both Palestinians and internationals, operating across visual arts, sound, cinema, performance, dance, literature, and agriculture. Aline Khoury and Emily Jacir are the co-directors.

Dar Jacir has participated in symposiums, exhibitions, and festivals around the world, including: ARCO Madrid (2023), CiMAM Annual Conference (Spain, 2022), MANIFESTIAMO-Villa Romana (Italy, 2022), National College of Art and Design (Dublin, 2022), Rethinking Residencies (New York, 2021), KORA-Contemporary Arts Center (Italy, 2021), Experimenter Curator’s Hub (India, 2021) and others. Dar Jacir was a finalist for the Visible Award (2019), a winner of KADIST CIRCLE AWARD (2018), and was one of five finalists for the Jane Lombard Prize for Art and Social Justice (2018-2020).

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Landworks, Collective Action and Sound
Magazzino Gallery
Palazzo Contarini Polignac
878 Dorsoduro
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19. April: Private Besichtigung
20. April - 24. November 2024
Mi – Mo 10 – 18 Uhr
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Foto oben: Adam Broomberg mit Rafael González, Anchor in the Landscape, 2022. Foto des Al Badawi Olivenbaumes, Palästina, 203 x 162 cm (Detail) © Courtesy Künstler

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