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Apexart Franchise Program

Apexart apoya exposiciones en un lugar que no sea Nueva York. Cierre: 3 mayo 2013
abr 2013

Apexart Franchise is an open call for 500-word proposals for group shows that take place anywhere in the world outside of New York City. One of apexart's two curatorial open calls, the Franchise asks for submissions for exhibitions that examine a specific idea or theme. Exhibitions can be about anything that the organizer finds compelling and can take place anywhere other than NYC. Past shows have explored construction in Mexico City, community in Memphis, and translation in Kampala. The Franchise is an opportunity to help bring a compelling idea to fruition and to illustrate that the center of the world is wherever you are.

No prior curatorial experience is required and we invite submissions from people of all backgrounds. Proposals do not have to be for the city where the curator is based, do not need to take place in traditional gallery settings, and venues for the show and artist lists do not need to be confirmed in advance of submitting an idea. Three winners receive an $8,000 budget and administrative support to mount their exhibition in the location of their choosing, and apexart works with winning organizers on all of the details of the project. In addition, apexart produces a brochure in an edition of 9,000 with an essay from the curator, which is distributed to subscribers in more than 100 countries.

Application deadline:
3 May 2013
More information:

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Apexart apoya exposiciones en un lugar que no sea Nueva York.

Cierre: 3 mayo 2013

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