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SESC São Paulo presents a broad range of exhibitions, approaching contemporary art from a plural perspective and promoting initiatives that democratically attend to its 38 venues. The exhibits show great interest in fostering and promoting Brazilian and international contemporary art, with the spotlight shining on Latin America and the region known as the Global South. To that end, initiatives that promote greater diversity in art history and a more open approach to other expressions of global culture are encouraged, especially those emerging from contexts outlying the world hegemonic order.

About the visual arts program

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SESC and its visual arts program

SESC – Social Service of Commerce – is a private and nonprofit institution of public interest and national scope founded by the entrepreneurs of commerce and services in 1946 in Brazil. In the State of São Paulo, SESC maintains 38 centers of activities which bring together its fields of expertise, carried out through programs in Arts and Culture; Education; Sports; Leisure and Health. SESC has more than 20 million visits each year.

High quality performing arts shows, sports for all policies, well-being proposals, health advices, environmental projects, art and educational exhibitions for free, these are some examples of SESC’s responsabilities and practices. SESC aims to develop international partnerships for the implementation of projects and programmings according to its purpose.

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SESC São Paulo’s actions are guided by its educational nature and the pursuit of social welfare based on a broad understanding of the term culture. In this sense, the spaces and contents offered by the institution has the intention to stimulate a wider cultural access and promote an individual autonomy and critics.

Educational initiatives and experiences are the core of the SESC São Paulo visual arts program, which is present in all venues and focuses mainly on contemporary art. The program includes exhibitions, workshops and courses on Brazilian, Latin-American, International, Folk Art, History of Visual Art, Architecture and Design, Illustration, Cartooning and Photography.

During the years SESC has presented exhibitions of acknowledged artists such as Joseph Beuys, Olafur Eliasson, Isaac Julien, Marina Abramovic, Bob Wilson, Sophie Calle, and many others.

In addition to this, SESC Sao Paulo maintains a collection of art works with about two thousand pieces that make part of different shows carried out by itself or by partners.


Contact - main office:
Servico Social do Comercio - Sesc
Sesc SP - Visual Arts and Technology Department
991 Álvaro Ramos Avenue
03331 - 000 São Paulo
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Opening hours:
Mon - Fri 10 am - 8 pm

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