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The A.M. Qattan Foundation (AMQF) is an independent, not-for-profit developmental organisation working in the fields of culture and education.
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About the Foundation

The A.M. Qattan Foundation (AMQF) is an independent institution, working in the knowledge and creativity sectors, using an integrative approach and targeting a variety of social groups, particularly children, teachers and young artists. It seeks to empower free individuals within a dynamic Palestinian and Arab culture, through a long-term, participatory developmental ethos. This is achieved through programmes that foster critical thinking, research, creativity and the production of knowledge, and that aim to provide inspiring models of giving, transparency and excellence.

Founded and registered in 1993 in the UK, with a registered branch in Palestine as a non-profit organisation since 1998, the Foundation’s operations are mainly in Palestine, with interventions in Lebanon through Selat: Links Through the Arts, and in the United Kingdom through The Mosaic Rooms.

Vision: A just, free, enlightened, and tolerant society with an active global presence, one that embraces dialogue and produces knowledge, art and literature.


Inspired by the shared heritage of humanity and in compliance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ vision that “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood”, the Foundation encourages individuals to combine their self-development with the service of others, while keeping a balance between personal and public interests, and focusing on the provision of inclusive and excellent standards of public service.

The Foundation believes in the individual's rights to freedom of thought and creed, as well as the right to free expression. These rights are key components of its internal culture and its work in the fields of culture and education, where engaging in dialogue and sharing practices are considered essential for the production of knowledge.

The Foundation is aware that the realisation of its mission and goals depends on the potential effectiveness, value and meaning of its work as perceived by its target constituencies. As such, it always aims to operate in a collegiate spirit of cooperation and partnership with its staff and the groups it serves, whether they are children, artists, teachers or other beneficiaries.

The Foundation realises that development, peace and long-term justice require the courage to be just in the defense of human causes.

Address - Contact:
The A.M. Qattan Foundation
27 An-Nahda Women Association St.
Ramallah 90606
P.O. Box 2276, Ramallah, Palestine.
Tel: +970 2 296 0544

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Press contact:
Ahmad Shami
Senior Communication Manager
T: +970 2 296 0544 - Ext.: 1104

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