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The Facility

23 March - 31 May 2019

A. M. Qattan Foundation Cultural Centre
Ramallah, Palestine

Curator: Yazid Anani

Assistant Curators: Mujahed Khallaf, Abed Al-Rahman Shabaneh

17 participants - see the list

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The Facility exhibition builds on the concept of the lack of artists’ studio spaces. It aims to shed light on the significance of studios as spaces for creative processes of thinking, experimentation and imagination. The project combines five elements of artmaking: the artist, the studio space, the process of artmaking, the artistic product and the audience’s experience. Traditionally, exhibitions combine two or three of these elements; The Facility, however, challenges the traditional notion of exhibitions, allowing these elements to coexist simultaneously.

This approach creates a melange between the real, the performed and the represented, and poses many questions on the definitions of the exhibit’s objects and processes. Is the audience part of the performance? Can the artmaking process be an exhibit? What does it mean to have studios inside an exhibition space where artists live and work, creating art?

Seventeen creative individuals are hosted in studio spaces built within a community inside the gallery. While each studio space at 3m x 2m is private, they are connected with the other studios through public areas, gardens, eating and meeting spaces.

Artists will depart their studios on 1 May 2019, leaving behind furniture, drawings, sketches, documents, books and other material used by the artist during their residencies. These traces of themselves, their work and their visits will remain on exhibit between May and June 2019.


Alaa Al Baba, Anwar Fannoun, Ayah Nieroukh, Dima Irshaid, Duaa Abu Shgheibh, Essmat Zaid, Haneen Nazzal, Haya Kaabneh, Majd Masri, Majdi Abu Gharbia, Muhannad Al Azeh, Nameer Qassim, Nibras Barghouthi, Nisreen Barghouti, PITTI Academy (Awwad Sharaf, Badria Ahmad, Thaer Sharaf, Thikra Musleh), Rawan Abu Ghosh, Safa Shqair

Exhibition Production Team

Technical supervision and installation: Diaa Al-Jubeh, Khaled Fanni, Eid Dwikat, Yousef Mansour, and Abed Al-Lahham.
Collective Programme: Rafat Asad
Wall drawing: Alaa al-Baba, Mariangela Gasparotto, Waseem Makhlouf

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