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Ahmed Basiony Memorial Exhibition in Cairo

6 Oct. - 20 Nov. 2012. Homage to the life and work of the Egyptian artist (1978-2011) at three art venues in Cairo.
Oct 2012

The American University in Cairo celebrates the life and work of Egyptian artist Ahmed Basiony (1978-2011) with a large-scale memorial exhibition and events in three art institutions in Cairo.

The exhibition features Ahmed Basiony's innovative work in interactive digital art, sound art and performance in addition to his influential work as an educator. AUC Sharjah Art Gallery presents an educational exhibition centered on his project Thirty Days of Running in Place (2010). Darb 1718 Contemporary Art & Culture Center presents a retrospective exhibition of his sound art, performance and new media installation projects from 2007-2011. ASCII Foundation for Contemporary Art Education presents an archive of documentation from the experimental sound art workshops and other educational initiatives he developed between 2004-2010. A series of talks and workshops will be held in conjunction with the exhibition.

Ahmed Basiony was born in Cairo in 1978 and studied at the Faculty of Art Education, Helwan University, where he later worked as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Drawing and Painting. He completed a Masters degree in sound art and was pursuing a PhD in the use of open source programming in digital art. His practice varied greatly and evolved rapidly in the last ten years of life. His early large-scale expressionistic paintings won him the first prize in painting in the 2001 Salon of Youth. His work then took a more experimental turn involving new media and multimedia installations between the years 2001 and 2005.

In 2006, he started organizing an independent experimental workshop for digital sound art at the Faculty of Art Education, introducing the first academic program in sound art experimentation to Egypt. Basiony was deeply interested in the search for structural and physical relations between sound and the visual, and he continued to explore these relations in various media including video, performance, interactive digital installations and live sound.

During the revolution, while taking part in a demonstration on January 28th, 2011, Ahmed Basiony was killed by snipers on Tahrir Square.

Dates and venues

06.10. - 20.11.2012
Darb 1718 Contemporary Art & Culture Center
Opening Reception: 6 October, 7:00 pm
Kasr El Sham3 Street, Al Fakhareen, Old Cairo, Cairo, Egypt
+202 2361 0511

14.10. - 20.11.2012
AUC Sharjah Art Gallery
14 October, 1:00-2:00 pm soft opening, 6:00 pm public opening
AUC Center for the Arts, The American University in Cairo
AUC Avenue, New Cairo 11835, Egypt
+202 2615 1281

20.10. - 20.11.2012
ASCII Foundation for Contemporary Art Education
Opening Reception: 20 October, 7:00 pm
6 Mourad Street, from Eleseery Street, from Elshohadaa Street Ard El Lewa, Mohandiseen, Giza, Egypt

Curated by: Shady El Noshokaty

Curatorial team: Aissa Deebi, Bruce W. Ferguson, Nada Shalaby

For further information, please contact AUC Sharjah Art Gallery at +202 2615 1281 or sharjah.art(at)aucegypt.edu

The Sharjah Art Gallery is the artistic and cultural center of the Department of Performing and Visual Arts at The American University in Cairo. The gallery presents exhibitions and educational programming with a special focus on contemporary art in the Middle East and North Africa. Its cultural and educational mission is to present the work of innovative visiting artists and curators to enhance the discourse on contemporary visual arts and to advance partnerships with educational institutions throughout the region.

(Press information)

Ahmed Basiony

6 October - 20 November 2012

AUC Sharjah Art Gallery

Darb 1718 Contemporary Art & Culture Center

ASCII Foundation for Contemporary Art Education

Cairo, Egypt

Curator: Shady El Noshokaty


Curatorial team:

Aissa Deebi, Bruce W. Ferguson, Nada Shalaby

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