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Artists, collectives, initiatives and organizations selected to participate in documenta fifteen

Following their concept of lumbung and its values of solidarity, collectivity, and fair distribution, on 1st October 2021 the members of ruangrupa have announced a preliminary list of 54 artists and collectives who will participate in documenta fifteen.

For launching these first names, ruangrupa chose the street magazine "Asphalt" from Hanover. "Asphalt" is sold by homeless and other socially disadvantaged people in the area of Kassel, Hanover, Göttingen and other cities in Lower Saxony and Hesse and is official media partner of documenta fifteen.

The selected creative participants (artists, collectives, initiatives, organizations active in different timezones) are grouped in majelis, an Indonesian term derived from Arabic for a gathering or meeting. For ruangrupa majelis are an important tool to exchange ideas and projects between artists, lumbung members and other participants of documenta fifteen.

Each mini-majelis-group will have to a great extent its own organization and will be given a budget to decide on together.

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(Korea Standard Time / KSK)

ook_reinaart vanhoe
(Central European Time / CET)

Richard Bell
(Australian Eastern Standard Time / AEST)

Taring Padi
(Waktu Indonesia Barat / West Indonesian Time / WIB)

(East African Time / EAT)


Agus Nur Amal PMTOH

Arts Collaboratory
(various time zones)

Black Quantum Futurism
(Eastern Standard Time / East Coast Time / EST)

(South African Standard Time / SAST)

Jumana Emil Abboud
(Eastern European Time / EET)

Nino Bulling

Subversive Film


Cinema Caravan and Takashi Kuribayashi
(Japan Standard Time / JST)

Kiri Dalena
(Philippine Time / PHT)

Nguyen Trinh Thi
(Indochine Time /ICT)

Safdar Ahmed

(Taiwan Standard Time / TST)


Atis Rezistans | Ghetto Biennale
(EST, Western European Time / WET)

Marwa Arsanios

Sourab Phadke
(WET, Indian Standard Time / IST)

Yasmine Eid-Sabbagh
(Baghdad Time / BT, Western Sahara Standard Time / WT)



Alice Yard

Erick Beltrán



Party Office b2b Fadescha

Serigrafistas queer


Amol K Patil

(China Standard Time)

Cao Minghao & Chen Jianjun

CHANG En-man

Sa Sa Art Projects


Hamja Ahsan

Jimmie Durham

La Intermundial Holobiente
(WET, Argentinian Time / ART, EST)

Pınar Öğrenci

Saodat Ismailova
(Uzbekistan Time / UZT)


Baan Norg Collaborative Arts and Culture

Dan Perjovschi

Fehras Publishing Practices

Nhà Sàn Collective

The Nest Collective


Another Roadmap Africa Cluster
(West African Time / WAT, Central African Time / CAT, EAT)

Archives de luttes des femmes en Algérie

Asia Art Archive
(Hong Kong Time / HKT)

Centre d'art Waza

El Warcha

Graziela Kunsch
(Brasilia Time / BRT)

Keleketla! Library

Komina Film a Rojava

Sada [regroup]

Siwa plateforme - L'Economat at Redeyef

The Black Archives

- also interesting -

documenta fifteen

18 June - 25 September 2022
Kassel, Germany

Artistic Direction: ruangrupa

Concept: lumbung


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