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The Incidental Insurgents (Teile 1-3)

Mixed Media installation, 2012 - 2015
Zum Teil im Auftrag der Sharjah Art Foundation
Ausgestellt auf der
Sharjah Biennale 12
5. März - 5. Juni 2015
Sharjah, VAE
Ort: Bait Al Serkal
A three-part installation that spatialises a contemporary search for a new political language and imaginary. The project positions the ‘incidental insurgent’ as both a foil for present deficiencies and a protagonist in the pursuit of new formations of self-determination.

In SB12, The Part about the Bandits (Part 1) (2012) and Unforgiving Years (Part 2) (2014) are presented across a screening room and in an artist’s studio turned meeting area. In the latter, a variety of original and appropriated materials entwines an unlikely group of protagonists: the Marxist revolutionary Victor Serge, Abu Jildeh and Arameet, the bandit in Roberto Bolaño’s The Savage Detectives (1998), the publishing house Manshourat Salah El Din’ and the artists themselves. The installation’s suspended state reflects the challenges of leveraging prior political gains in the face of current configurations of power and capital.

When the fall of the dictionary leaves all words lying in the streets (Part 3) (2015), commissioned for SB12, comprises a four-channel video installation driven by an experimental audio track. Perhaps giving palpable form to the potential of the incidental insurgent in its myriad manifestations, Part 3 draws from reality, imagination and memory to move toward a direction that cannot be seen but feels possible.

(Text aus dem SB12 Guidebook)


Basel Abbas & Ruanne Abou-Rahme

Statement der Künstler zu ihrer dreiteiligen Installation The Incidental Insurgents, einer Suche nach einer neuen polititischen Sprache und Bildwelt. Mit Fotos und Ausschnitten von Videos.

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