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The definition of the word institution testifies to the panorama of its possible interpretations. In more specific terms city, state and national governmental entities are institutions, as are schools, museums, libraries etc. Less official institutions might include personal relationships, family, churches or religions and criminal structures. Finally, individuals such as local heroes, community elders, public figures such as politicians and entertainers can also become institutions. The works in this group show how through humor and amusement, art can create opportunities to question and reflect upon different formal or informal institutions and their relationship with the individual and the community.

(Aus dem MDE15 Kurzführer)


Alle Teilnehmer in diesem Kapitel:

Antonio Caro
Magdalena Fernández
Jorge Andrés Marín
Juan Obando
Dan Perjovschi
Claudio Perna
Juan Javier Salazar
Sislej Xhafa

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