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The expanding global cities have become the battlefield for the clash between the private interests of the capital and public property. The street, the neighborhood, the front and back alleys are contested spaces of the everyday struggle, but also sites of energy, creativity and resilience. There is a lot we can learn by observing and getting involved in the daily challenges and their solutions at grassroots level. The interventions of the artists and architects of MDE15 are conceived together with people and communities. Sharing their dreams and desires these works reflect on the dynamics of the context, and propose new physical and symbolical spaces to be experienced and inhabited collectively.

(Aus dem MDE15 Kurzführer)


Alle Teilnehmer in diesem Kapitel:

Arquitectura Expandida & Caldo de Cultivo
Colectivo NoMaNaDa
Jordi Colomer
William Engelen
Magdalena Fernández

Visuelle Tour

Visuelle Tour durch die Ausstellung des Internationalen Kunsttreffens Medellín 2015 in Kolumbien: Kunstwerke und Projekte an fast allen Orten.

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