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The artists’ works gathered in this group inquire about the ways in which power is exercised on the body, both physical and social, individual and collective. They do this through the creation of alternative narratives to the official history, by giving space to suppressed voices and to subjects that have been made invisible, by shifting the place of the gaze to subvert power relations, and by destabilizing common perceptions about the spaces in which we wander. Here identity is understood as an instance permanently constructed and dismantled. In many cases, the works use different strategies —that range from the solemn critical distance to the most ironic approach— to reveal the effects that colonialism and its latent dynamics have had, and still exert, on the bodies.

(Aus dem MDE15 Kurzführer)


Alle Teilnehmer in diesem Kapitel:

Liliana Angulo
Giuseppe Campuzano
Phil Collins
Núria Güell
Amar Kanwar
Gülsün Karamustafa
Myriam Lefkowitz
Annaleen Louwes
Mónica Mayer
Carlos Motta
Mujeres Creando
Daniela Ortiz
Antonio Paucar

Visuelle Tour

Visuelle Tour durch die Ausstellung des Internationalen Kunsttreffens Medellín 2015 in Kolumbien: Kunstwerke und Projekte an fast allen Orten.

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