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Watermans 2012 - Proyecto de nuevos medios

Convocatoria de proyectos de interactividad en nuevos medios, para ser presentados en Londres para las Olimpiadas 2012. Cierre: 24 feb. 2011
dic 2010

Watermans is a world-class cultural organisation in West London. Its gallery is one of the UK’s leading venues for Digital and New Media Arts with a long history of expertise and commitment in presenting innovative work as well as supporting emerging and established artists working with new technologies.

To coincide with the Olympics in London in 2012, Watermans is pleased to announce a unique opportunity to present a series of groundbreaking installations exploring interactivity and participation in New Media and Digital Art. Much New Media / Digital Art is increasingly aimed at interaction with the audience and artists are continuously exploring new ways of viewer participation.

This year long project proposes to showcase the work of distinguished artists from all continents, including a British artist, with an interest in projects concerned with ways of participation, interactivity or collaboration and consider the use or importance of technologies in their work. With this we are hoping to initiate and enable a series of discussions around the meaning, possibilities and issues around human interaction and engagement in New Media art and bring in responses from artists, academics, students, art professionals and visitors in the UK and internationally.

Artists and art collectives from all countries working with new media and digital technologies are invited to submit proposals of existing or new projects. Interested artists can propose to show more than one installation or projects and we will welcome applications from individuals, art collectives or collaborations between artists.
We would like to invite artists to propose imaginative, ambitious and inspirational projects that will transform our understanding of art and the way it can be experienced. We will particularly focus on installations with an emphasis on participatory activity (interaction with the audience) in order to engage visitors in a creative, exploratory and inspirational journey prior to and during the Games.

Please send your proposals including:
- work(s) description
- CV(s) and artist statement
- supporting material with description (jpgs, urls, videos etc)
- list of technical requirements, equipment, materials required for the proposed work(s)
- contact details
Each artist/art collective will receive a fixed fee of £3,500 to cover fees & project costs, installation and work transport. In addition, Watermans will cover travel and accommodation costs in London and will also provide technical assistance and exhibition promotion.
Deadline for receiving proposals:
24 February 2011
Please send all application material to:

Irini Papadimitriou
Head of New Media Arts Development
40 High Street
Brentford, London
A judging panel will select the six projects which will be announced in March/April 2011. The exhibitions will run throughout 2012 (January - October) and the project will provide an opportunity for presenting a series of innovative and interactive digital/new media art installations never before staged in London. With this project we hope to engage and challenge artists and audiences in new and unexpected ways.

In conjunction with the exhibitions, and in partnership with Goldsmiths, University of London, Watermans is planning to run a series of seminars related to the exhibitions, a mentoring scheme for students as well as generate online activity with a website dedicated to the project and the use of social media such as blogs, feeds etc to engage wider audiences in the project and enable critical debate. Online visitors will be able to follow the development of each exhibition as well as the artists' work from their studio on its way to the gallery in London. Information about the seminars and mentoring scheme will be announced soon.

More information:

(Press release)

Convocatoria de proyectos que exploran participación e interactividad en nuevos medios y artes digitales, para ser presentados en Londres coincidiendo con las Olimpiadas en 2012.

24 feb. 2011


40 High Street
Londres TW8 0DS

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