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19th International Architecture Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia

24 May - 23 November 2025
(pre-opening 8 and 9 May)

Title: Intelligens. Natural. Artificial. Collective.

Curator: Carlo Ratti

Space For Ideas
Open call for submission of ideas by architects and non-architects for possible inclusion in the exhibition. Deadline: 21 June 2024

Biennale College
Call for projects from students, graduate students and emerging practitioners for 20,000 € realization grants. Deadline: 21 June 2024

Carlo Ratti © Photo: Andrea Avezzù. Courtesy: La Biennale di Venezia

Title and theme

The title of the Biennale Architettura 2025 is Intelligens. Natural. Artificial. Collective. Explaining his choice Carlo Ratti said that "the title of the International Architecture Exhibition is usually announced both in English and in Italian. In 2025 it will be condensed into a single word for both languages via the common Latin precedent: intelligens. The title Intelligens is linked to the modern term "intelligence," but it also evokes a wider set of associated meanings. In fact, the final syllable, "gens" is Latin for "people". A new, fictional root emerges, suggesting a future of intelligence that is inclusive, multiple, and imaginative beyond today’s limiting focus on AI."

Ratti further elaborated: "The 19th International Architecture Exhibition will be about the built environment and the many disciplines that shape it. Architecture is at the center, but not alone. It is part of an extended sphere that integrates art, engineering, biology, data science, social and political sciences, planetary systems sciences, and other disciplines- linking each and all of them to the materiality of urban space.

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"The built environment is one of the largest contributors to atmospheric emissions, placing architecture among the main culprits in the degradation of our planet. As the climate crisis accelerates, must we resign ourselves to this role, or are we still able to offer solutions, substantial and non-cosmetic, effective and quick to achieve?

The Exhibition will search for a path forward, proposing that intelligent solutions to pressing problems can take many forms. It will present a collection of design proposals and many other experiments, exploring a definition of "intelligence" as an ability to adapt to the environment with limited resources, knowledge, or power.

Objects, buildings, and urban plans will be arranged along the axis of a multiple and widespread intelligence - organized as natural, artificial, collective, and combinations of the three. While some ideas are destined to fail, others may point us toward redemption. The Exhibition will cast architects in the role of "mutagens" stimulating natural evolutionary processes and sending them off in new directions. Learning from many sciences, this exhibition hopes to accelerate the transformation of the present through fearless trial and error, and to find a better future in the process."

Four methodological pillars

The Exhibition will be founded on:

Transdisciplinarity: architectural projects will be collaborations between multiple professionals, with the objective of advancing scientific knowledge whenever possible.

Living Lab: as the Central Pavillion at the Giardini will be under renovation in 2025, it will be replaced by a number of special projects that will leverage Venice and the outdoor areas of the Biennale Exhibition venues as a Living Lab, merging interacting forms of intelligence.

Space For Ideas: at a time of crisis, we need to embrace a collaborative approach to design. For the first time ever, at the 19th International Architecture Exhibition, the Curator opens a public venue for the submission of ideas. Every proposal, no matter how audacious, is worthy of consideration in the face of today’s defining challenges.Architects and non-architects are encouraged to submit ideas, to be evaluated by the Curator for possible inclusion in the Exhibition or the broader curatorial program. All proposals must follow the guidelines specified on the submission interface and must be uploaded by 11:59 pm (CEST), June 21, 2024 on the dedicated space on the website of La Biennale di Venezia.
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Circularity Protocol: the Exhibition aims to set unprecedented goals for circularity. A Circularity Manifesto will be developed to define clear directions and a new standard for the future of cultural events.

Participating Countries: One place, one solution

With the aim to reintroduce a degree of coordination and coherence with the theme of the main International Exhibition among the National Pavilions, the Curator encourages the participating countries to address the common prompt of One place, one solution, "showcasing how local ingenuity," Ratti said, "can address our time’s existential challenge that can only be tackled in a cooperative manner, reflecting a multiplicity of approaches. If every country brings one success to the table, together we can assemble a global kit for adapting to the future."

Biennale College Architettura

Carlo Ratti, as the Artistic Director of the Architecture Department of La Biennale di Venezia, invites students, graduate students and emerging practitioners under the age of 30 to submit projects that employee natural, artificial, and collective intelligence to combat the climate crisis.

Up to 16 projects will be chosen by the Artistic Director to be developed in the Biennale College Architettura programme. The selected participants will subsequently be invited to join a 10-day workshop in Venice in September 2024 to build up the proposals - including production and budget planning. A final selection of up to 8 projects will be finally chosen by Carlo Ratti. A grant of € 20,000.00 for the production will be allocated to each selected project. The works will be presented, out of competition, in the context of the 19th International Architecture Exhibition, Intelli/Gens.

The international call for Biennale College Architettura will be open until 11.59 pm (CEST) on 21 June 2024.
more info, submission form

(From press information of La Biennale di Venezia, 7th May 2024)

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© From press information, 7 May 2024.
© Cover photo on top: Haupt & Binder, Universes in Universe

Like for all Venice Biennials since 2001, we will publish an extensive Special about the 19th International Architecture Exhibition in 2025. In the meantime, see:
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