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From the Red Star to the Blue Dome

Tour through the exhibition of art and architecture in Central Asia, ifa-Gallery, Berlin.
By Pat Binder & Gerhard Haupt | Mar 2004

 With this exhibition in the ifa Gallery Berlin, the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (Institute for Foreign Relations) continues its series "Islamic Worlds". This includes the show "Love Affairs", which we reported on in August 2003.

 The focus of the exhibition "From the Red Star to the Blue Dome" is on artists who are dealing with "issues of the new religiousness and re-Islamization of society and their effects on people's lives" (from the press release). In installations, photographs, and videos, the artists address principally the relationship of modern life to tradition and the role of women. They pursue autobiographically the roots of their origins and, in new and contemporary ways, make the rituals of shamanism, other religions, and pre-Islamic cults their own. They sarcastically satirize the bogeyman image spread by western media.

 In addition, the exhibition encompasses a documentation of about 50 contemporary architecture projects in Central Asia. They clearly draw to mind the old Islamic traditions and the associated search for identity, proving that such already existed, even during the era where these countries were part of the Soviet Union.


Said Atabekov

Marina Lyubaskina

Galim Madanov & Zauresh Terekbay

Yerbossyn Meldibekov

Almagul Menlibaeva

Naomi Tereza Salomon

ZITABL - Zitta Sultanbaeva & Ablikim Akmullaev

Elena & Victor Vorobyev

Nikolai Scharski

Pat Binder & Gerhard Haupt

Publishers of Universes in Universe - Worlds of Art and of Nafas Art Magazine. Based in Berlin, Germany.

From the Red Star
to the Blue Dome

26 March - 30 May 2004

ifa Gallery Berlin

Linienstrasse 139/140


Barbara Barsch

Philipp Meuser

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