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The Darat al Funun Dissertation Fellowship

Für das Studium moderner und zeitgenössischer Kunst der arabischen Welt, angeboten von Darat al Funun. Deadline: 15. Nov. 2011.
Aug 2011

Darat al Funun / The Khalid Shoman Foundation is honored to announce the establishment of a dissertation fellowship to encourage research on modern and contemporary art of the Arab world. The fellowship provides financial support of up to ten thousand dollars to Ph.D. candidates in the humanities and social sciences. One to three fellowships will be granted. The fellowship duration can range from 4-12 months of residency at Darat al Funun in Amman, Jordan.

Fellows are expected to pursue their own research, give at least one public lecture, and participate in Darat al Funun’s cultural and artistic activities. Upon completion of the fellowship, fellows are required to submit a five to seven page research report that will be available on Darat al Funun’s website.

Fellowship funding is intended to compensate travel and stipend expenses. Darat al Funun will provide housing and office space. Fellows are responsible for their own health insurance.

Established in 1993, Darat al Funun is a home for the arts, dedicated to promoting art from the Arab world. Darat al Funun functions as an exhibition space and artists’ hub, organizing workshops, residencies, performances, film screenings, artists’ talks, and lecture series. It also houses an arts library with over 3700 Arabic and English volumes and an archive that includes video and photographic documentation of Darat al Funun’s activities and files on Arab artists. In addition, Darat al Funun hosts the Khalid Shoman Private Collection.

Weitere Informationen, siehe www.daratalfunun.org

Spezifische, auf die Forschung bezogene Fragen zum Stipendium:
Bewerbungen nur in Arabisch oder English:
15. November 2011
Mitteilung über das Ergebnis
bis zum 15. März
Applicants should send a research proposal specifying desired period of stay, two letters of recommendation, a writing sample, C.V., and official transcript. Priority will be given to proposals that indicate the role of Darat al Funun’s archive. Applicants must have advanced to candidacy by the start of the fellowship. Applications are welcome from students enrolled in any university worldwide.

Das Bewerbungsmaterial kann als PDF-Dateien geschickt werden an:
oder per Post an:
Darat al Funun Dissertation Fellowship
Darat al Funun-The Khalid Shoman Foundation
P.O. Box 5223
Amman, Jordan 11183


Dissertation Fellowship For the Study of Modern and Contemporary Art of the Arab World

Bewerbungen bis
15. Nov. 2011

Darat al Funun

The Khalid Shoman Foundation

13 Nadeem al Mallah St.
Jabal al Weibdeh

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