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Wahl der Miss Education bei Miss Panama 2013

With his performance Miss Education, Humberto Vélez has dared once again to tackle an art world taboo: for the first time, a beauty pageant has been the subject of an artwork. Conceived especially for conceptual artist Luis Camnitzer and for the "Miss Panama 2013" beauty pageant, Velez's performance focused on the links between elitist and common stereotypes of art and beauty, through the lens of mass media events and popular culture.


© Foto: Fernando Bocanegra, Humberto Vélez

Visiting Minds Panama

Veranstaltungsreihe zu den Implikationen des Konzepts \"Radikale Pädagogik: Kunst als Bildung\". Kuratoren: Humberto Vélez, Adrienne Samos.

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