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León Ferrari's Relecturas de la Biblia [Rereadings of the Bible] and Brailles, whose production began in the mid-1980s and mid-1990s respectively, epitomize some of the themes and strategies that run through much of Ferrari’s work. By means of "montage," Ferrari produces unlikely encounters between images (or between images and texts) representing disparate and distant realities in order to displace canonical interpretations and generate new ones. By confronting reproductions of masterpieces from the history of Western art, Biblical quotes, erotic Eastern images and images from the mass media, Ferrari incites critical reflection on organized religion, war, sex and power.

Ausstellung im Malba – Fundación Costantini,
Buenos Aires, Argentinien
30. März - 2. Juli 2012

Kuratorin: Florencia Battiti


León Ferrari

Brailles und neue Lesarten der Bibel, März - Juli 2012, MALBA. Text der Kuratorin Florencia Battiti und Fotorundgang.

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