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Ken + Julia YONETANI

Crystal Palace: The Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of all Nuclear Nations, 2012-2016

Chandelier pieces made of uranium glass, which is popular among collectors around the world. Each chandelier has a name of nations with nuclear power stations. The size is determined by the scale of the energy produced by each country.

The collective started to work on this series as a response to Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in 2011.

Ort: Hitachi Gemeindezentrum

© Foto: Keizo KIOKU
Courtesy KENPOKU ART 2016

KENPOKU ART: Küstenregion - Fotos

17. September - 20. November 2016, Norden der Präfektur Ibaraki, Japan. Generaldirektor: Fumio Nanjo. Kunst, Wissenschaft und Technologie im Dialog mit der Natur.

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