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17. September - 20. November 2016

Im Norden der Präfektur Ibaraki, Japan
6 Städte: Hitachi, Hitachiota, Takahagi, Kitaibaraki, Hitachiomiya, Daigo

Generaldirektor: Fumio Nanjo

Yukiko Shikata, Kodama Kanazawa

Titel: Sea, Mountains, Art !

Mehr als 80 Künstler aus Japan und dem Ausland

Sea, Mountains, Art !

Northern Ibaraki Prefecture, home to six regional cities and the venue for KENPOKU ART 2016, is a place of fascinating contrasts. Richly endowed with nature, the combination of scenic ocean and mountains lend it a truly unique atmosphere. Life is rooted in traditional culture and society, but the region, located just outside the metropolis of Tokyo, is close enough to feel the latest technology and culture.

Looking back on the history of Ibaraki Prefecture, we see that the region played a major role in Japan’s modernization in the Meiji era and thereafter. Mines were opened toward the end of the Edo era, and the discovery of copper mines in the surrounding area of Hitachi contributed to the development of industry. On the other hand, Izura in Kitaibaraki is known as the place where Tenshin Okakura, who advocated the importance of Asian aesthetics, moved and set up an art community to work toward developing modern Japanese art.

More recently, the artist Christo conducted his project The Umbrellas centered in Hitachiota, which attracted worldwide attention for its groundbreaking style of artistic communication. As home to several universities, including the University of Tsukuba, and the site of the international exposition, Tsukuba Expo '85, Ibaraki Prefecture is a hub for the development of both art and science and technology in Japan.

As an art festival, KENPOKU ART 2016 builds on this long legacy. Through it, we highlight the spirit of innovation in Ibaraki and focus on collaboration between art and cutting-edge science and technology while engaging in dialogue with nature.

More about Fumio Nanjo's Concept


Program overview

Art Programs
Internationally recognized artists will visit northern Ibaraki Prefecture to make and exhibit work such as installations, videos, sculpture and drawing at indoor and outdoor venues. The majority will be new work based on research on the nature, history, culture, industries, or other features of the region. In addition, talk sessions, workshops, and other activities related to the artworks will be held prior to and during KENPOKU ART 2016 to offer opportunities for exchange among artists and local residents, and visitor participation. These include the following:
- Large-scale installations in dialogue with the nature of the sea and mountains
- Special works at Tenshin Memorial Museum of Art, Ibaraki
- Works in various forms and styles using historic buildings, closed schools, etc.
- Media art, bio art, etc. created with cutting-edge science and technology

Social Programs
These programs create opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds and with different perspectives to engage in artistic expression by encouraging local residents, visitors and artists to participate and experience art. Through such interaction and communication, participants will discover the joy and meaning of free thinking and develop cultural understanding.
- Art hackathon
- Public solicitation for artworks and projects
- Experience-based projects, performances, etc.

Collaborative Programs
Projects will present a new framework for this art festival through collaboration with young artists, students and local residents while partnering with various organizations and institutions and ensuring its international character.
- International exchange project
- University collaborative projects
- Industry collaborative projects

Related Programs
KENPOKU ART 2016 will build cooperative relationships with other projects by working together to advertise cultural programs and events held in northern Ibaraki Prefecture. Furthermore, it will proactively tie up with other cultural facilities such as art museums and museums in the prefecture and promote the reciprocal ticket discounts and other benefits.


Venues in Northern Ibaraki Prefecture

- Izura/Takahagi seaside area
(surrounding area of Tenshin Memorial Museum of Art, Ibaraki and seaside area of Takahagi City)

- Hitachi Station area
(surrounding area of Hitachi Station on the JR Joban Line)

- Oku-kuji clear stream area
(area along Kuji River in Hitachiomiya City and district in front of Hitachi-Daigo Station on the JR Suigun Line)

- Kujiragaoka area in Hitachiota
(streetscape in the center of Hitachiota City)

(From press information)

KENPOKU ART Executive Committee
Chair: Masaru Hashimoto, the governor of Ibaraki Prefecture
978-6 Kasahara-cho,
Mito-shi, Ibaraki, 310-8555

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