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Beehive Design Collective

Residence in San Bernardo de los Farrallones
Record of murals on site
The Beehive Design Collective, created fourteen years ago, is composed by people from all over the Americas who make collaborative work with communities throughout the continent in order to identify a variety of concerns derived from issues such as free trade agreements, mining, big building projects or corporate globalization. These investigations translate into graphic campaigns, that is, drawings using animals as metaphors which are put into painstakingly detailed murals that can take years to be completed. The exhibition showcases previous graphic campaigns, such as Plan Colombia (2002) and Mesoamérica Resiste (2013). Also, the residence work done by members of the collective made in the municipality of San Bernardo de los Farallones -- in which they did murals with the community, mainly students, in order to reflect upon the natural wealth and the rejection of gold mining in their territory -- is shown through photographs.


© Photo: Courtesy of Museo de Antioquia

Counterexpeditions - Residencies

Residencies of artists in different localities of Antioquia, who created the artworks shown at Counterexpeditions, 8 April - 30 June 2014, Museo de Antioquia, Medellín, Colombia.

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