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Shanghai Project

Shanghai Project

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The Shanghai Project is an ideas platform bringing together —from China and abroad— artists, filmmakers, performers, musicians, designers, architects, writers, poets, philosophers, historians, scientists, economists, geographers, sociologists, anthropologists, journalists, doctors, lawyers, engineers, hackers, bloggers, activists … and the people of Shanghai.

Together, through exhibitions, public works, live events, and texts, they will think, discuss, relate and act on the sustainability of our futures in the 22nd century.

The Shanghai Project experiments with the way people engage with ideas by providing multiple points of entry through a diversity of disciplinary backgrounds and formats.

Unfolding in the two phases, the Shanghai Project begins first with a series of exhibitions, gatherings, talks, workshops, walks, screenings, and live events, launching on September 4, 2016. Building upon these events and relationships, the Phase 2 of the Shanghai Project will commence this in April 2017, with exhibitions spanning 100 days.

Under the co-directorship of Yongwoo Lee, Director of Shanghai Himalayas Museum, and Hans Ulrich Obrist, Artistic Director of Serpentine Galleries London, the Shanghai Project is organized by the Shanghai Himalayas Museum, co-organized by the Shanghai International Culture Association, with lead sponsors Zendai Group and Envision Energy, and in partnerships with museums and art fairs throughout the city.



Shanghai Himalayas Museum
No. 869, Yinghua Rd.
Pudong District, Shanghai
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Con el apoyo de:
Zendai Group y Envision Energy

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Contacto de prensa:
Xian Chen - xian.chen(at)shanghai-project.org
Ming Zhang - ming.zhang(at)shanghai-project.org

Shanghai Himalayas Museum

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