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Taipei Fine Arts Museum (TFAM)

Founded in 1983, Taipei Fine Arts Museum (TFAM) is Taiwan’s first museum of modern and contemporary art, and among one of the oldest in Asia. Venturing into its 35th year, TFAM has dedicated itself to the development of modern art in Taiwan while staying abreast of ongoing trends in contemporary arts.

It has pioneered the biennial trends for the region and overseen the operations of the Taipei Biennial since 1998 and the planning for the Taiwan Pavilion as a collateral event of Venice Biennale since 1995.

For the past two decades, the Taiwanese art scene has witnessed a paradigm shift of the geo-political power structures within the international contemporary art community, alongside the increased mobility of global art professionals and their influence on established international exhibitions around the world. Taking this changing atmosphere into consideration, the Taiwanese nomination committee seeks to make a unique intervention in the scene of ever-expanding national pavilions and their collateral events.

Taipei Fine Arts Museum
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Taiwán en Venecia 2019

58ª Bienal de Venecia, 11 mayo - 24 noviembre 2019. Artista: Shu Lea Cheang. Curador: Paul B. Preciado. Comisario: Taipei Fine Arts Museum. Sede: Palazzo delle Prigioni.

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