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Sandra Monterroso: Rokeb’ iq’ / Wind

Sound installation, 2014
Ethnic group: Maya Q’equchi
Speaker: Sandra Monterroso

Location: Guatemala.
Geographical Area: 24,662 km2 in the main nucleus and 29,582 km2 in the expanded area.
Population: 852,012 inhabitants. Men: 428,410. Women: 423,602, according to the 11th National Census, 2002

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Rokeb’ iq’ / Viento
When the world began, the mountain was covered by people
He started to inquire where his sister had gone. Who has stolen her?
Dew of the night. Purplish blue. Last night the thunder rumbled.
Come hither and sweeten the blood.
I have now prepared the necessary for dispensing with bad luck.
Where do you come from?
Wind without water, innocent, faultless, immaculate, without sin.
Coiled, broken, speckled. Too deceptive: Dark
The bad spirit of the ball, it is best that it depart
Reflection of light, as if done to one who is blind
Put out our fire; water for washing, to purify the soul a little.
The house is now empty. Silence.

Written in Maya Q’eqchi’ by Sandra Monterroso and translated into Spanish by the artist.

Sandra Monterroso: * 1974 Guatemala City, Guatemala. Lives in Viena, Austria.

Latin American Pavilion - IILA
Istituto Italo-Latinoamericano (IILA)

Arsenale - Isolotto
9 May - 22 November 2015

Title: Indigenous Voices

Curator: Alfons Hug
Co-curator: Alberto Saraiva
Commissioner: Sylvia Irrazábal

Participants: See the list

Goethe-Institut, Oi Futuro (Rio de Janeiro)

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