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The Palestinian Museum

The Palestinian Museum

The Palestinian Museum is a Non-Governmental Association dedicated to supporting an open and dynamic Palestinian culture nationally and internationally. The Museum presents and engages with new perspectives on Palestinian history, society and culture. It also offers spaces for creative ventures, educational programmes and innovative research.

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29 September 2021 – 31 October 2022

A selection of visual, archival, interactive, and narrative historical material (18th century to the present) about the Palestinian people and their deep-rooted connection to their land and the sea. The exhibition also includes commissioned artistic interventions.
Guest-curator: Inass Yassin.

Museum without Borders

The Palestinian Museum was designed as a transnational institution, capable of overcoming geographical and political boundaries to reach Palestinians within historic Palestine and beyond. Its digital collections and online platforms, alongside its network of local and international partnerships, will allow for the sharing of skills, resources, programmes and exhibitions with individuals and institutions worldwide.

Located on a 40,000 m2 plot on Birzeit's hills, the Palestinian Museum building was designed by Dublin-based architecture company Heneghan Peng and is an exemplar of clean, contemporary design that blends seamlessly with the local rural landscape. The Museum is surrounded by gardens that tell the agricultural and vegetational history of Palestine and is open to families, students, and visitors from all walks of life.

The Palestinian Museum is a dream come true, built by Palestinian hands thanks to Taawon, Palestine's largest nonprofit association.

The Palestinian Museum is a Swiss-registered non-governmental association with a branch in Palestine (currently undergoing official registration.)

It won the 2019 Aga Khan Award for Architecture, is LEED-certified Gold by the U.S. Green Building Council, and is a member of the International Council of Museums (ICOM).

Photo: Hareth Yousef. © The Palestinian Museum

Permanent collection

Since its establishment, the Palestinian Museum has sought to build its permanent collection to preserve tangible Palestinian cultural heritage. It has thus far been able to build the core of this collection through in-kind collection donations, as well as through crowdfunding campaigns.

The Museum's growing permanent collection includes historical po¬litical posters, a large ethnographic collection of traditional clothing and accessories, several artistic installations by Arab and international artists installed throughout the gardens, as well as several artworks by Palestinian artists donated to the collection.


The Palestinian Museum designs its exhibitions around different orientations, historical themes, and tangible and intangible cultural heritage. These exhibitions are organised on-site in Birzeit, as digital exhibitions, and in touring exhibitions outside of Palestine.

© Photo: The Palestinian Museum


The Public Programme engages in dialogue with audiences through nontraditional activities, such as art workshops, tours, live performances, family open days, and other events to foster familiarity with museum culture among society's diverse components.

The Education Programme designs a series of activities that interact with the Museum's exhibitions, aimed at students on school visits. This encompasses the production of educational resources to develop their Museum-going experience, in line with the goals of emancipatory participatory learning in Palestine and around the world. The Museum is also preparing the design and launch of a digital educational platform, specialised in providing distance learning museum content comprising interactive games and educational resources.

The programme develops a variety of intellectual and research oriented events that contribute to knowledge production and dissemination. These include conferences, symposia, talks, research grants, and publications such as catalogues and volumes of collected discursive interventions and articles. This programme is designed for university students, researchers and the general public, to develop civic engagement and reflection. The programme hosts Palestinian and international thinkers and academics to widen and deepen debates around exhibitions' themes.

The Palestinian Museum Digital Archive (PMDA) is an open-access digital archive that documents Palestinian social history via digitising photographic, film, audio and other materials, to preserve them from loss, damage, or expropriation. The archive is made available to artists, researchers, and the general public.

Palestinian Journeys is the interactive encyclopedia of the Palestine question. It is an online portal into the multiple facets of the Palestinian experience, filled with specialised articles, biographies, timelines and undiscovered stories. Together, they craft a comprehensive narrative that highlights the active role of the Palestinian people in crafting their history. The project is implemented in cooperation with the Institute for Palestine Studies and Visualizing Palestine.

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Cover photo on top: Hareth Yousef.
© Text and Photos: The Palestinian Museum

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