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Master of Fine Arts in Art and Media (MFA) at New York University Abu Dhabi

Midpoint exhibition of the NYU Abu Dhabi Master of Fine Arts program's inaugural class. 21 May - 21 August 2022, Warehouse421, Abu Dhabi.

The first of its kind in the region, the two-year Master of Fine Arts in Art and Media (MFA) at NYU Abu Dhabi offers an individualized curriculum that is responsive to artistic, technological, economic, and societal shifts and needs. Its studio-focused multidisciplinary coursework bridges disciplinary skills and diverse bodies of knowledge.

The program is structured to ensure that students develop advanced research skills for visual and academic investigations in contemporary art and theory.

Coursework and academic requirements are designed to foster the development of students who can think and create in novel and interdisciplinary ways.

NYU Abu Dhabi Campus
© Photo: Courtesy of NYUAD
Inaugural Senior Walk
© Photo: Courtesy of NYUAD
Art Gallery Project Space
© Photo: Courtesy of NYUAD
Art installation by Tomás Saraceno at NYUAD Library
© Photo: Courtesy of NYUAD

MFA in Art and Media

The program leverages Abu Dhabi’s location as a transnational and transcultural hub for the exchange of western and eastern traditions in the arts and culture. The MFA is uniquely positioned to create new discourses in the field by virtue of its geographic location and student body. Students from vastly different cultures, beliefs and orientations gather here to create new visions of what Abu Dhabi, the Emirates, the Arabian Gulf, and the wider region is and can be. This is supported directly by the flows of NYU’s global network and Abu Dhabi’s proximity to point east of traditionally western-centric art discourses.

Throughout the program, students will have access to local stakeholders and institutions, including guest critics and speakers from Warehouse 421, Department of Culture, Guggenheim Abu Dhabi, Barjeel Art Foundation, Sharjah Art Foundation, Art Jameel and AlSerkal Avenue, several local artists, and many more.

The MFA at NYUAD aims to strengthen the artist’s individual art practice as well as their relationships with critical theory and relevant discourse. Students are positioned to push their practices to the next level given the support of their peer community and professors, as well as their exposure to other visiting artists and art professionals who provide studio visits, lectures, and critiques.

MFAs are often required to teach at the university level, and this program offers a teaching apprenticeship program to students who are interested in entering academia.

The curricular structure is modelled on the MFA programme at NYU New York but is also responsive to the cultural traditions and heritage of the UAE, along with its burgeoning place as a global art hub.


Applications to start in Fall 2023 will open on October 1, 2022.

NYU Abu Dhabi automatically considers every master’s applicant for merit-based financial support packages. The goal is to form a high-achieving class of master’s students for each program, and admissions decisions are made without knowledge of individuals’ financial need.

For more information about the MFA in Art and Media Program and the Application Process, including Requirements, and Funding, see on the NYUAD website:

MFA in Art and Media

or contact nyuad.mfa(at)nyu.edu

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From information by New York University Abu Dhabi.
© Photos: Courtesy of NYUAD. Cover images: NYUAD Campus with Abu Dhabi skyline; Art Gallery exhibition by Zimoun; Library with art installation by Tomás Saraceno.

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