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Bernabé Arévalo  (* 1984 Guatemala)

Magdalena Atria  (* 1966 Chile)

Tania Bruguera  (* 1968 Cuba)

Bryan Castro  (* 1986 Guatemala)

Alfredo Ceibal  (* 1954 Guatemala)

El Colectivo
José Oquendo  (* 1993 Guatemala)
Christopher Torres Ticas  (* 1993 USA)

Cooperation: Jorge De León y Hellen Ascoli
Jorge De León  (* 1976 Guatemala)
Hellen Ascoli  (* 1984 Guatemala)

Diana De Solares  (* 1952 Guatemala)

Arte de Comalapa Collective
Composed of the painters Luis Simón, Noé Roquel, Victoria Colaj, Ester Miza, Isidro Perén, Tony Perén and Negma Coy. They restored the murals of a Mayan public oratory in the center of the city, an effort coordinated by the traditional authorities of the community and consulted in a rituals with the Mayan deities.

Community of Sumpango
Municipality of the department of Sacatepéquez, internationally known for its celebration of the Day of the Dead, in which giant kites keep in touch with the dead and keep away evil spirits. The Panamanian artist Humberto Vélez decided to work with this community, to include Sumpango as a participant of the 21st Paiz Art Biennial.

Roberto Escobar  (* 1992 Guatemala)

Kevin Frank  (* 1991 Guatemala)

Julio Hernández Cordón  (* 1975 USA)

Alejandra Hidalgo  (* 1981 Guatemala)

H.I.J.O.S Collective
Guatemalan collective of social activists who took to the streets on 30th June 1999 to prevent the military parade. It is a group made up of the sons and daughters of those who disappeared and were massacred during the Internal Armed Conflict in Guatemala, and of relatives, friends and sympathisers who have no direct link with any victim.

Ricardo Lanzarini  (* 1963 Uruguay)

Alberto López Cuenca  (* 1968 Mexico)

Cildo Meireles  (* 1948 Brazil)

Alexia Miranda  (* 1975 El Salvador)

Sandra Monterroso  (* 1974 Guatemala)

Jesus “Bubu” Negrón  (* 1975 Puerto Rico)

Lyndsie Price  (* 1992 Guatemala)

Naufus Ramírez Figueroa  (* 1978 Guatemala)

René Francisco Rodríguez  (* 1960 Cuba)

Gervasio Sánchez  (* 1959 Spain)

Collective Canal Cultural, San Pedro La Laguna
Association of Mayan artists who seek to incentive the art practice in the communities. Since 2010, Tz'utujil children in San Pedro La Laguna, Sololá have been offered opportunities for drawing and painting scholarships and exhibitions. Members: Luis Yat, Manuel Chavajay, Tzutu Kan, & José Chavajay.

Julio Serrano Echeverría  (* 1983 Guatemala)

Colectivo Tercerunquinto  (* 1996 Mexico)

Rolando Flores  (* 1975 Mexico)

Gabriel Cázares  (* 1978 Mexico)

Andrés Vargas  (* 1987 Guatemala)

Simón Vega  (* 1972 El Salvador)

Humberto Vélez  (* 1965 Panama)

Inés Verdugo  (* 1983 Guatemala)

Rodolfo Walsh  (* 1965 El Salvador)

Xu Zhen  (* 1977 China)

21st Paiz Art Biennial

16 August - 16 September 2018

Title: Más Allá (Beyond)

General Curator: Gerardo Mosquera

Curators: Maya Juracán, Esperanza De León, Laura Wellen

Participants: 37 artists, groups, communities

Organizer: Paiz Foundation for Education and Culture

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