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Moving Arts - Syrian Artists Today

Exhibition at Rocher de Palmer, Cenon, France, 24 Jan. - 12 Feb. 2015. Screenings at Utopia Cinema, Bordeaux, France, 23 - 24 January. Curator: Delphine Leccas
Jan 2015

Photography, digital work, drawing / video / cinema / music / round table:
Featuring Monif Ajaj (Corgnac-sur-l'Isle), Ammar Al-Beik (Berlin), Akram Al Halabi (Vienna), Khaled Aljaramani (Lyon), Mohanad Aljaramani (Paris), Adel Daoud (Vienna), Aiham Dib (Damascus), Amr Fahed (Damascus), Ziad Kalthoum (Beirut), Randa Maddah (Golan Heights), Waseem Al Marzouki (Doha), Ossama Mohammed (Paris), Mohamad Omran (Paris), Noma Omran (Paris), Yaser Safi (Beirut & Damascus), Muzaffar Salman (Paris), Fadi Yaziji (Damascus).
The exhibition presents recent artworks of Syrian artists who continue to work despite the daily trauma, and in most cases, displacement. Those artists, among which some are well-established in the international art scene, continued to create during the revolution, then the state of war, in Syria. Some decided to stay in their hometowns; and others, are now in exile in Europe and beyond, as a part of one the largest diaspora in the beginning of the 21st century.

Their work depicts violence, daily life in time of war, their vision of reality, and maybe a potential future, through: photography, digital work, drawing, video, and painting. All together bring up questions of the ruins and destruction, but also of the meaning of art in time of war. It is both a passionate artistic view, but also, a historical testimony on the current times.

Curated by Delphine Leccas, this event followed the book published in 2012, Syrie, l'Art en armes (La Martiniére edition, Paris), and the collective exhibition at the Islamic Cultures Institute in Paris (April-July 2014).

Exhibition at Rocher de Palmer
(Cenon, France)

24 January - 12 February 2015
Opening on Saturday, 24 January 2015
5 pm: Round Table and discussions with some of the participating artists, Donatella Rovera (Amnesty International, London), and Geneviéve Garrigos (president of Amnesty International France, Paris).
6.30 pm: Opening.
8.30 pm: Concert of Noma Omran (singer), accompanied by Khaled Aljaramani (ud), and Mohanad Aljaramani (ud and percussions).
10 pm: After party.
Entrance to the concert: 8 euros
Information: lerocherdepalmer.fr
Booking: contact(at)lerocherdepalmer.fr
+33 5 56 74 8000
Screenings at Utopia Cinema
(Bordeaux, France)
Friday 23 January, 8 pm:
The Immortal Sergeant, by Ziad Kalthoum (2013, 72 min).
Saturday 24 January, 3 pm:
Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait, by Ossama Mohammed & Wiam Simav Bedirxan (2014, 110 min).
Screenings are followed by a discussion with the filmmakers.
Curator: Delphine Leccas / association AIN (Beirut)

Event management: Kalimero / Christophe Dabitch (Bordeaux), and OBAOBA/Christophe Goussard (Cenon). Co-management: Rocher de Palmer (Cenon), and Utopia Cinema (Bordeaux).
Catering (French wine and cuisine) with the kind support of Stéphane Derenoncourt (Bordeaux), Nicolas Magie (Bouliac), and Badia Hassan (Bordeaux).
More information:
L'Art en Marche

(Information by L'Art en Marche)

L'Art en Marche
Artistes syriens d'aujourd'hui


24 January - 12 February 2015

Opening on Saturday 24 January, 2015
With round-table, concert, party

Rocher de Palmer

1, rue Aristide Briand 33152

Curator: Delphine Leccas

Screenings at Utopia Cinema
Bordeaux, France
23 - 24 January 2015

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