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My fascination with urban landscape dates back to my earliest photographs taken in Beirut over 20 years ago. Inspired by the effect of the war on Beirut’s buildings and their inhabitants and driven by a desire to observe and document structures of every kind, whether they housed families, businesses or rituals, I began a journey that has taken me around the world photographing the cities that at some point or another in my life, I called home.

Bahrain has been home to me for the last 8 years during which time, I have gotten to know its streets, towns, villages, alleys, farms and barren desert intimately. Bahrain has presented me with a unique opportunity: to document the process of hybridization, a task made all the more challenging by the diversity of the country’s urban landscape. Ranging from Muharraq, which has been described as an archetypal Islamic town and Bahrain’s villages, to its government housing projects of the 1960s to 1980s, its compounds and its newly mushrooming skyscrapers and new developments, Bahrain is melding the old with the new and a resultant culture is in the process of emerging.

Camille Zakharia


Camille Zakharia

His Double Vue project captures the complex encounter between the traditional and the new Bahrain.

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