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Ch.ACO: Chile Arte Contemporáneo

Chile's Contemporary Art Fair, 1 - 5 Oct. 2014, Santiago. Information, photo tour, and interview with director Elodie Fulton.
Oct 2014

>> Photo Tour through Ch.ACO
Sharing a glimpse of the highlights and event atmosphere.

>> Interview with Elodie Fulton
Director General of Ch.ACO

Ch.ACO, Chile's Contemporary Art Fair was held from October 1 to 5 at the Centro Cultural Estacion Mapocho, featuring 30 galleries from Latin America, Europe and United States; 12 Pop_ Up Spaces, independent artistic projects from Chile; a new section dedicated to Chilean masters of modern art; more than 18 publishers' spaces regarding Art, Architecture, Trends and Design; three corporate collections on display (Vodka Finlandia, Nacional Librería, TrasparentArte); an extensive conversation program discussing the art market system, with a focus on the New York art scene; art programs; and over 1,000 national and international VIP guests.

This year, during the Fair's days devoted to art professionals, the foundation in charge of the Fair, FAVA (Fundación Artes Visuales Asociados), launched its Patrons Program. This initiative was born from the joint venture of prominent Chilean entrepreneurs and included, amongst many other things, a large-scale project called FAVA Collection: a contemporary art collection that seeks to build a national patrimony for Chile, curated by Pablo León de la Barra, Guggenheim UBS MAP Curator, Latin America (New York).

For five days, Ch.ACO Art Fair transformed the city of Santiago into a both professional and massive gathering between national and international collectors, entrepreneurs, artists, curators, galleries, journalists, universities, students and enthusiasts, establishing the event as the most relevant milestone of the Chilean art market scene. To encourage the knowledge of Chile's cultural scene, Ch.ACO has promoted the creation of an independent web platform, www.aboutsantiago.cl, dedicated to reviewing the capital's best exhibitions, shows, and cultural events.


Main Section: Galleries
Ad Hoc (Spain) / Adora Calvo (Spain) / AFA (Chile) / Alba Cabrera (Spain) / Aldo de Sousa (Argentina) / Ángeles Baños (Spain) / Artespacio (Chile) / Aural (Spain) / Caballo Verde (Chile) / Cecilia Brunson Projects (UK) / Co Galería (Chile) / Die Ecke (Chile) / El Mirador (Argentina) / Gachi Prieto (Argentina) / Henrique Faría (USA) / Isabel Aninat (Chile) / Isabel Croxatto (Chile) / LA SALA (Chile) / Metales Pesados (Chile) / Patricia Ready (Chile) / Prima (Chile) / Ro Galería (Argentina) / SOA (Uruguay) / Proyectos Ultravioleta (Guatemala) / VALA (Chile) / Vermelho (Brazil) / XS (Chile) / Yael Rosenblut (Chile) / Y Gallery (USA)

Pop_ Up Spaces: National Art Projects
Curators: Ian Cofre & Florencia San Martín, Chilean Curators (USA) / Carlo Giordanetti, Creative Director, Swatch (Switzerland)
A y C Arte Contemporáneo / arMO/ BACO / Caja de Cartón / Departamento44 / Espacio Hache / Espacio Opening / Espai Colona / Guerrilla / Museo de América / Mutt / Oficina Barroca.
This program is sponsored by Swatch.

ARQ (Chile) / Arte al día (Argentina) / Arte al Límite (Chile) / Artishock (Chile) / Art Nexus (Colombia-USA) / Art Price (France) / Artribune (Italy) / Elephant (Netherlands) / Joia Magazine (Chile) / Look Lateral (Italy) / Placeres (Chile) / Small Medium Large (Chile) / Revista Tatuí (Brazil) / Universes in Universe (Argentina/Germany)

Conversation Program
The Art Market: commerce, contents, institutions.
Editors: Claudio Iglesias editor and curator (Argentina) / Irene Abujatum Founding Director, Ch.ACO (Chile)
Alejandra Villasmil editor, Artishock (Chile) / Ana Luisa Lima editor, Tatúi (Brazil) / Bridget Brown art consultant (UK) / Eduardo Brandao gallerist, Vermelho (Brazil) / Emilie Villez Director, Kadist Foundation (France) / Joel Yoss art dealer (USA) / Fernando Mesta gallerist, House of Gaga (Mexico) / Francesca Ferrarini art consultant, Look Lateral (Italy) / Francesco Sala art journalist, Artribune (Italy) / Patricia Binder and Gerhard Haupt, editors of Universes in Universe (Germany) / Guillermo Machuca art critic (Chile) / Henrique Faría gallerist (USA) / Katya Tilevich editor, Elephant (Belarus/USA) / Iván Navarro artist (Chile/USA) / Manuela Moscoso Curator, Biennial Cuenca (Ecuador) / Manuel Cirauqui Curator, Dia Art Foundation (USA) / Marina Dacci Director, Maramotti Collection (Italy) / Pablo León de la Barra, Guggenheim UBS MAP Curator, Latin America (USA) / Vivian Pffeifer Vice President, Christie’s America (USA).

Luxury Partnerships and VIP
Since 2009, over 5,000 collectors and 200 international galleries have participated in the Fair's VIP program, which offers exclusive tours of private collections, artists' studios, museums and receptions. For more information, contact vip(at)feriachaco.cl

About Ch.ACO
Founded in 2009, Ch.ACO Art Fair is a platform directed at developing the Chilean contemporary art system and the growth of the national art market. In its six-year trajectory, Ch.ACO has brought people closer to art, building up knowledge, curiosity and opportunities in the context of an ever-progressing country.

About FAVA
FAVA (Fundacion Artes Visuales Asociados), the foundation in charge of the fair, is a non-for-profit institution that brings together prominent professionals related to the national art and culture scene. Its main project is the Patrons Program, a joint venture by Chilean entrepreneurs that includes, amongst many others, a large project called FAVA Collection: a contemporary art collection that seeks to build a national patrimony for Chile, curated by Pablo León de la Barra, Guggenheim UBS MAP Curator, Latin America (New York).

More information:
Francisca Gabler
Press Ch.ACO
Cell.: +56 9 9873 7385

(From press information
© Photos: Haupt & Binder)

Ch.ACO: Chile Arte Contemporáneo
Contemporary Art Fair
1 - 5 October 2014

Preview: 1-2 October 2014

Estación Mapocho Cultural Centre
Plaza de la Cultura S/N, former Train Station
Santiago, Chile



Feria de Arte Contemporáneo de Chile

Office: Pasaje Phillips 16, 5Z
Santiago Centro

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