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São Paulo Biennial 2010

25 Sept. - 12 Dec. 2010. Chief curators: Moacir dos Anjos, Agnaldo Farias; 5 curators.
Jan 2010

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The São Paulo Biennial Foundation appointed the economist and researcher Moacir dos Anjos and the art critic Agnaldo Farias as curators-in-chief of the Biennial's 29th edition, which will take place from 21 September - 12 December 2010. The Biennial's theme, Art and Politics, is inspired by a line of the poet Jorge de Lima (1895-1953): "Há sempre um copo de mar para um homem navegar" (There is always a glass of sea for a man to navigate).

According to curator Moacir dos Anjos, the 29th edition, organized from a discursive platform, will underline the ambiguous character of art, which translates at the same time the experience of the world and produces a vision potentially able to transform this experience.

Together with the two chief curators, a team of 5 foreign curators will assist in the selection of artists and in the conception of the exhibition: Rina Carvajal, Sarat Maharaj, Fernando Alvim, Yuko Hasegawa, and Chus Martínez


25 September -
12 December 2010

Press preview:
20 and 21 Sept.

São Paulo, Brazil

There is always a cup
of sea to sail in

Chief curators:
Moacir dos Anjos
Agnaldo Farias

Curatorial team:
Rina Carvajal
Sarat Maharaj
Fernando Alvim
Yuko Hasegawa
Chus Martínez

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