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Ticio Escobar

General curator, biographical data

Art critic, writer and anthropologist. Currently Minister of Culture of the Government of Paraguay. Chief curator of the Triennial of Chile (2009) and of the exhibitions Other Contemporary Problematic Coexistences at the Biennial of Valencia (2007, Spain) and Three Frontiers at the 6th Biennial of the Mercosur (2007, Porto Alegre, Brazil). Guest curator of the 2nd and 3rd Exhibitions of Visual Arts Integration of Latin America - VentoSul, of the 4th and 5th VentoSul Biennials of Curitiba (2007 and 2009) and of the 2nd and 5th Biennials of the Mercosur.

He was Director of Culture of the Municipality of Asunción. Founder of the Center for Visual Arts / Museo del Barro in Asunción, Paraguay. Received awards in several countries, including those of the Latin American Art Critic Section Argentina, International Association of Art Critics, the Dutch Prince Claus Award for Culture and Development and the prize Bartolomé de Las Casas, Madrid (2004). From 1999 to 2004 he directed Identities in Transit, sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation. In 1998, he won a Guggenheim fellowship to study the relationships between images and political power.

Author of countless publications, including The beauty of others, Art out of itself and The minimum distance.


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6th Curitiba Biennial
18 Sept. - 20 Nov. 2011

Curitiba, Brazil

Beyond the Crisis
(See the curatorial text)

General curators:
Alfons Hug
Ticio Escobar

Adriana Almada
Paz Guevara

Guest curators:
Artur Freitas
Simone Landal
Eliane Prolik
Alberto Saraiva

72 participants
List of artists


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