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List of Artists

All the participants in alphabetical order

Alejandro Almanza Pereda
* 1977 Mexico City, Mexico. Lives in New York, USA.

Neville D' Almeida
* 1941 Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Darren Almond
* 1971 Appley Bridge, United Kingdom. Lives in London, United Kingdom.

Alterazioni Video
Collective, founded in 2004 in Mailand, Italy. Lives in New York, Mailand and Berlin.

Alfredo Andersen
* 1860 Christianssand, Norway. + 1935 Curitiba, Brazil.

Farah Atassi
* 1981 Brussels, Belgium. Lives in Paris, France.

Fikret Atay
* 1976, Batman, Turkey; lives there.

Cristian Bendayán
* 1973 Iquitos, Peru. Lives in Lima, Peru.

Eduardo Berliner
* 1978 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; lives there.

John Bock
* 1965 Gribbohm, Germany. Lives in Berlin, Germany.

Guillaume Bresson
* 1982 Toulouse, France. Lives in Paris, France.

Michel de Broin
* 1970 Montreal, Canada. Lives there and in London, United Kingdom.

Fernando Burjato
* 1972 Ponta Grossa, Brazil. Lives in São Paulo, Brazil.

Cristina Canale
* 1961 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Lives there and in Berlin, Germany.

Paulo Climachauska
* 1962 São Paulo, Brazil; lives there.

Stefan Constantinescu
* 1968 Bucharest, Romania. Lives there and in Stockholm, Sweden.

Raul Cruz
* 1957 Curitiba, Brazil. + 1993 Curitiba, Brazil.

Danica Dakić
* 1962 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Lives there and in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Desire Machine Collective
Founded in 2004 in India. Based in Guwahat, India.

İnci Eviner
* 1956 Polatli, Turkey. Lives in Istanbul, Turkey.

Nelson Félix
* 1954 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; lives there.

Adonis Flores
* 1971 Sancti Spiritus, Cuba. Lives in Havana, Cuba.

Mark Formanek & Datenstrudel
* 1967 Pinneberg, Germany. Lives in Berlin, Germany.
Datenstrudel: Collective, founded in 2000 in Germany. Based in Berlin, Germany.

Auguste François
* 1857 Lunéville, France. + 1935 Beligné, France.

Emmanuel Fretes Roy
* 1979 Asunción, Paraguay; lives there.

Kate Gilmore
* 1975 Washington, USA. Lives in New York, USA.

Graciela Guerrero
* 1981 Guayaquil, Ecuador; lives there.

Rimon Guimarães
* 1988 Curitiba, Brazil; lives there.

Patrick Hamilton
* 1974 Louvain, Belgium. Lives in Santiago, Chile.

Christian Jankowski
* 1968 Göttingen, Germany. Lives in Berlin, Germany.

Ömer Ali Kazma
* 1971 Istanbul, Turkey; lives there.

Jacqueline Lacasa
* 1970 Montevideo, Uruguay; lives there.

Antti Laitinen
* 1975 Helsinki, Finland. Lives in Somerniemi, Finland.

Ricardo Lanzarini
* 1963 Montevideo, Uruguay; lives there.

Dinh Q. Lê
* 1968 Ha-Tien, Vietnam. Lives in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Mark Lewis
* 1971 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Lives in London, United Kingdom.

Lin Yilin
* 1964 Guangzhou, China; lives there.

Adrian Lohmüller
* 1977 Gengenbach, Germany. Lives in Berlin, Germany.

Javier López & Erika Meza
* 1974 Havana, Cuba. Lives in Asunción, Paraguay.
* 1968 San Pedro, Paraguay. Lives in Asunción, Paraguay.

Maria Lynch
* 1981 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; lives there.

Tirzo Martha
* 1965 Willemstad, Curaçao; lives there.

MAP Office
Laurent Gutierrez: * 1966 Casablanca, Morocco.
Valérie Portefaix: * 1969 Saint-Etienne, France.
Since 1996 in Hong Kong, China.

Josep-Maria Martín
* 1961 Ceuta, Spain. Lives in Barcelona, Spain.

Marcelo Medina
* 1978 Asunción, Paraguay; lives there.

Boris Mikhailov
* 1938 Kharkov, Ukraine. Lives there and in Berlin, Germany.

Mónica Millán
* 1960 San Ignacio, Argentina. Lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Luis Molina-Pantin
* 1969 Geneva, Switzerland. Lives in Caracas, Venezuela.

Olaf Nicolai
* 1962 Halle/Saale, Germany. Lives in Berlin, Germany.

Fabio Noronha
* 1970 Curitiba, Brazil. Lives there, in Porto Alegre and Piraquara, Brazil.

Manoel Novello
* 1969 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; lives there.

George Osodi
* 1974 Lagos, Nigeria. Lives there and in London, United Kingdom.

Alejandro Paz
* 1975 Guatemala City, Guatemala; lives there.

Lívia Piantavini
* 1979 Curitiba, Brazil; lives there.

Liliana Porter
* 1941 Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lives in New York, USA.

Sebastián Preece
* 1972 Santiago, Chile; lives there.

Joanna Rajkowska
* 1968 Bydgoszcz, Poland. Lives in Warsaw, Poland, and London, United Kingdom.

Camilo Restrepo
* 1973 Medellín, Colombia; lives there.

Marina Rheingantz
* 1983 Araraquara, Brazil. Lives in São Paulo, Brazil.

André Rigatti
* 1982 Xanxerê, Brazil. Lives in Curitiba, Brazil.

Ricarda Roggan
* 1972 Dresden, Germany. Lives in Leipzig, Germany.

Tatzu Rors
* 1960 Nagoya, Japan. Lives in Berlin, Germany.

Fernando Rosenbaum
* 1978 São Paulo, Brazil. Lives in Curitiba, Brazil.

C. L. Salvaro
* 1980 Curitiba, Brazil; lives there.

Joaquín Sánchez
* 1975 Barrero, Paraguay. Lives in La Paz, Bolívia.

Felipe Scandelari
* 1981 Curitiba, Brazil; lives there.

Cristian Segura
* 1976 Tandil, Argentina; lives there.

Michael Stevenson
* 1964 Inglewood, New Zealand. Lives in Berlin, Germany.

Mikhael Subotzky
* 1981 Cape Town, South Africa. Lives in Johanesburg, South Africa.

Duncan Wylie
* 1975 Harare, Zimbabwe. Lives in Saint-Ouen, France.

Yang Xinguang
* 1980 Hunan, China. Lives in Beijing, China.

Zhang Enli
* 1965 Jilin, China. Lives in Shanghai, China.

Zhou Tao
* 1976 Changsha, China. Lives in Guangzhou, China.

6th Curitiba Biennial
18 Sept. - 20 Nov. 2011

Curitiba, Brazil

Beyond the Crisis
(See the curatorial text)

General curators:
Alfons Hug
Ticio Escobar

Adriana Almada
Paz Guevara

Guest curators:
Artur Freitas
Simone Landal
Eliane Prolik
Alberto Saraiva

72 participants

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