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Das Recht auf künstlerische Ausdrucksfreiheit und Kreativität

Im Kontext des UN-Berichts \"Das Recht auf künstlerische Ausdrucksfreiheit und Kreativität\". Deadline: 9. Sept. 2013
Aug 2013

The Working Group on Arts Rights and Justice of the EU Access to Culture Civil Society Platform wishes to underline the importance of the UN special report “The Right to Freedom of Artistic Expression and Creation” during a meeting with members of the European Parliament (Human Rights, Culture and other Parliamentary Committees) as well as diverse representatives of the European Commission.

This meeting is scheduled to take place early October 2013 in Brussels.

The issues dealt with in the report are censorship (political and religious), safe havens for refugees and at risk artists, access to artistic expression for all minorities, freedom of movement, assembly, use of public space, etc.

During the meeting Working Group would like to offer artists the opportunity to make their voice heard, particularly those who are confronted with one or more of these issues in their day-to-day practice, and/or living and working under conditions of restriction or risk.

You can make your voice heard by sending a two minutes video that explains your personal situation, or the situation in your country or region.

Your first audience will be the above-mentioned politicians and representatives of the EU Commission.

9. September 2013
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Aufruf zur Einreichung 2-minütiger Videos, um die Bedeutung des UN-Berichts "Das Recht auf künstlerische Ausdrucksfreiheit und Kreativität" zu unterstreichen.

9. September 2013

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