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Ausschreibung: Home Workspace Program 2012-13

Bewerbung um Teilnahme am 2. Home Workspace Program von Ashkal Alwan, Beirut. Deadline: 28. Feb. 2012.
Jan 2012

Ashkal Alwan veröffentlichte den Aufruf zur Bewerbung um die Teilnahme an der 2. Edition des Home Workspace Programms in Beirut:

HWP 2012-13 with Resident Professor Matthias Lilienthal.

Program Information

The HWP is an annual, interdisciplinary arts program launched by Ashkal Alwan in 2011. The program targets emerging artists, writers, thinkers and cultural practitioners who wish to develop their formal, historical, and critical skills and practice in a supportive environment in Beirut.

Each edition or class of the HWP runs for 10 months, led by a different Resident Professor (RP) each year and admitting approximately 15 participants.

Part academic, part practice-based, the curriculum consists of lectures, workshops and seminars by the RP and other leading local and international artists, writers, thinkers, filmmakers, curators, etc.

In addition to the curriculum, participants also benefit from a support-network of individuals, professionals, venues and resources around Beirut and elsewhere in Lebanon.

Participants are expected to reside in Beirut for 10 months with limited outside engagements, to participate actively in the various activities initiated by the RP and other visiting professors, and to develop and produce a project.

The HWP 2012-13 starts in October 2012.

The HWP is NOT a residency program. Although non-degree granting, HWP closely resembles a study program at the post-graduate level.

Tuition & Support

The HWP is tuition-free, and further grants participants a small budget with which to produce their end-of-year project(s).

For 2012-13, HWP will grant each participant a production budget of $1,000, and the choice between a rent-free room in one of Ashkal Alwan’s shared furnished flats, or a $300 monthly allowance. Rooms and allowance are allocated based on preference and availability. Participants should be prepared to organize their own accommodation as the number of available rooms is limited. Please see the HWP FAQs for more information on financial support.


Successful applicants must:

- Be artists working in any artistic discipline or medium, including video, film, performance, sound, music, installation, photography, painting, sculpture, etc OR cultural practitioners including writers, curators, thinkers, critics and academics
- Have completed undergraduate or graduate arts, arts-related or cultural studies, formal academic training or have equivalent experience
- Have a working knowledge of Arabic and/or English in order to follow the program
- Be available to commit fully to the HWP with limited other engagements
Please also note that:

- Applicants from Lebanon, the Arab region and anywhere in the world are all encouraged to apply
- Only individual candidates are considered; collectives and other collaborating artists should submit individual applications and will be considered independently of one another
- Former applicants to HWP are welcome to apply again
28. Februar 2012
Weitere Informationen:


Aufruf zur Bewerbung um die Teilnahme an der 2. Edition des Home Workspace Programms in Beirut.

Ashkal Alwan – Home Workspace

Mit Resident Professor Matthias Lilienthal

28. Februar 2012

Ashkal Alwan

The Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts

Home Workspace/ Ashkal Alwan Offices
Jisr el Wati, Street 90
Building 110, 1st Floor
Beirut 2066 8421

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