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Art or Sound
7. Juni - 3. November 2014
Fondazione Prada
Ca’ Corner della Regina
Calle de Ca’ Corner
Santa Croce 2215
30135 Venezia
Mi - Mo 10 - 18 Uhr
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Kurator: Germano Celant

Conceived as an investigation of past and present times, "Art or Sound" explores the relationship between art and sound and the way it has developed from the 16th century to the present day, examining the iconic aspects of musical instruments, the role of the artist-musician, and the areas in which the visual arts and music have come together.

The exhibition comprises more than 180 artifacts—clocks and carillons, automata and musical machines, paintings and scores, sculptures and readymades, together with decorated, assembled, imaginary and silent musical instruments.


Art or Sound

7. Juni - 3. November 2014, Fondazione Prada, Venedig. Kurator: Germano Celant. Die Beziehung zwischen Kunst und Musik und deren Entwicklung vom 16. Jahrhundert bis heute.

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