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5. Inter-Amerikanische Biennale für Videokunst

Ausschreibung: 5. Inter-Amerikanische Biennale für Videokunst. Deadline: 31. Juli 2010.
Jun 2010

The Cultural Center of the Inter-American Development Bank announces the call for the V Inter-American Biennial of Video Art to be held in December 2010 at the IDB Cultural Center Art Gallery in Washington, D.C.

The objectives of the Biennial are to: 1) stimulate the creative use of video, and encourage the Latin American and Caribbean artists to use their abilities to formulate original and imaginative proposals with the help of video technology; and 2) broaden the discussion of factors that affect the social, cultural and economic environments of Latin American and Caribbean countries.

First Prize will be US$4,000; Second Prize will be US$3,000; Third Prize will be US$ 2,000; and two Honorable Mentions will receive US$1,000 each. Videos that win prizes and honorable mentions will automatically be included in the exhibition. The exhibition in all venues of the international circuit will include all videos selected for the exhibition in Washington, D.C.

Einsendeschluss für Videos:
31. Juli 2010
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5. Inter-Amerikanische Biennale für Videokunst

31. Juli 2010

Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

Cultural Center

1300 New York Avenue NW

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