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Vincensius 'Venzha’ CHRISTIAWAN

Mini Museum of Utsuro-bune, 2016

“Utsuro-bune (hollow ship)” was a mysterious vessel, which drifted on the shore of lbaraki during the Edo period (1803). The folklore has been recorded that a foreign woman appeared from the vessel covered with indecipherable Letters, and moreover in the paleography, the boat was depicted in the form of a UFO. To identify Utsuro-Bune, the artist used archives as well as interviewed local residents who have witnessed UFOs.

© Foto: Keizo KIOKU
Courtesy KENPOKU ART 2016

KENPOKU ART: Küstenregion - Fotos

17. September - 20. November 2016, Norden der Präfektur Ibaraki, Japan. Generaldirektor: Fumio Nanjo. Kunst, Wissenschaft und Technologie im Dialog mit der Natur.

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