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siren eun young jung

Eight Views of Xiaoxiang. 2015
Video, 21 Min
The work thematizes Simcheong Ga, one of the five surviving Pansori epics in Korea. In the original narrative of the story, a girl named Simcheong sacrifices herself by diving into the sea to cure the eyes of her blind father. (…)
In this work, jung takes a further step from merely exposing the violent death of Simcheong that has been glorified as an act of filial love. She pays attention to a hypothesis that Indangsu, a place into which Simcheong threw herself, is located among the Eight Views of Xiaoxiang, a real place in Hunan Province, China. In the conceptual landscape paintings of China and Korea, the Eight Views of Xiaoxiang appears as an idealized, aestheticized place. Then, the idealized Eight Views of Xiaoxiang is put to the question – isn’t it the very place of violence that has forced a woman to abandon her life under the name of a noble sacrifice? (Kim Hong-Hee)

© Still: siren eun young jung
Courtesy 1. Asien Biennale &
5. Guangzhou Triennale,
Guangdong Kunstmuseum

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