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Xu Bing

Story of the Backside. 2018

Inspired by a famous Japanese ink painting. The front and back side of the artwork projects completely different appearances using the contrivance of shadow pictures. Through a dialogue with the past, the artist presents light and shadow as well as illusion and fragility.

Kamishinden Gemeindezentrum

© Foto: Osamu Nakamura
Courtesy Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale

Echigo-Tsumari Triennale 2018 - Fotos

29. Juli - 17. September 2018, Region Echigo-Tsumari, Japan. Generaldirektor: Fram Kitagawa. Etwa 360 Werke von Künstlern, Architekten, Performern aus 44 Ländern auf über 760 km2.

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