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dOCUMENTA (13) - Künstlerliste

Alle Teilnehmer der Ausstellung

Die offizielle Liste der dOCUMENTA (13) enthält alle Beteiligten, also auch die "Agenten". Hier haben wir nur die Teilnehmer aufgelistet, die in der Ausstellung vertreten sind.


Lida Abdul
* 1973 Kabul, Afghanistan. Lives between Kabul and Los Angeles, USA.

Bani Abidi
* 1971 Karachi, Pakistan; lives there, and in New Delhi, India.

Etel Adnan
* 1925 Beirut, Lebanon. Lives in Sausalito /Cal., USA, and Paris, France.

Korbinian Aigner
* 1885 Hohenpolding, Germany.
+ 1966 Freising, Germany.
As a prisioner of the Nazis, he cultivated at the Dachau concentration camp seedlings, later called the Korbinian Apple.

Vyacheslav Akhunov
* 1948 Osh, Kyrgyzstan. Lives in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

Barmak Akram
* 1966 Kabul, Afghanistan. Lives in Paris, France.

Khadim Ali
* 1978 Quetta, Pakistan (Afghan origin). Lives in Sydney, Australia.

Allora & Calzadilla
Jennifer Allora: * 1974 Philadelphia, USA.
Guillermo Calzadilla: * 1971 Havana, Cuba.
They live in Puerto Rico.

Maria Thereza Alves
* 1960 São Paulo, Brazil. Lives in Berlin, Germany, and Rome, Italy.

Francis Alÿs
* 1959 Antwerp, Belgium. Lives in Mexico City, Mexico.

Ayreen Anastas
* Bethlehem, Palestine. Lives in New York, USA.

Ayreen Anastas & Rene Gabri
A. Anastas: * Bethlehem, Palestine.
R. Gabri: * 1968 Tehran, Iran.
They live in New York, USA.

Ida Applebroog
* 1929 New York, USA.

Mohammad Yusuf Asefi
* 1961 Kabul, Afghanistan.

Doug Ashford
* 1958 Rabat, Morocco. Lives in New York, USA.

Tarek Atoui
* 1980 Beirut, Lebanon. Lives in Paris, France.

Kader Attia
* 1970 Dugny, France (Algerian origin). Lives in Berlin, Germany.


Bactrian Princesses
Small figurines, mostly female, made between the late third and early second millennia B.C. in an ancient civilization of western Central Asia, today Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and northern Afghanistan.

Nanni Balestrini
* 1935 Milan, Italy. Lives in Rome, Italy, and Paris, France.

Amy Balkin
* 1967 Baltimore, USA. Lives in San Francisco, USA.

Judith Barry
* 1954, Columbus, USA. Lives in New York, USA.

Massimo Bartolini
* 1962 Cecina, Italy; lives there.

Gianfranco Baruchello
* 1924 Livorno, Italy.

Ahmed Basiony
* 1978 Cairo, Egypt.
+ 2011 killed on 28 January during a demonstration on Tahrir Square, Cairo.

Thomas Bayrle
* 1937 Berlin. Germany. Lives in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

Jérôme Bel
* 1964 France. Lives in Paris, France.

Gordon Bennett
* 1955 Monto/Queensland, Australia. Lives in Brisbane, Australia.

Rossella Biscotti
* 1978 Molfetta, Italy.

Manon de Boer
* 1966 Kodaicanal, India. Lives in Brussels, Belgium.

Alighiero Boetti
* 1940 Turin, Italy. Lived in Paris, France, and Kabul, Afghanistan.
+ 1994 Rome, Italy.

Anna Boghiguian
* 1946 Cairo, Egypt.

Carol Bove
* 1971 Geneva, Switzerland. Lives in New York, USA.

Kristina Buch
* 1983 Meerbusch, Germany. Lives in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Andrea Büttner
* 1972 Stuttgart, Germany. Lives in London, UK, and Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

Gerard Byrne
* 1969 Dublin, Ireland; lives there.


Artists' initiative, founded by Shaina Anand, Sanjay Bhangar and Ashok Sukumaran in Nov. 2007. Based in India.

Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller
J. Cardiff: * 1957 Brussels, Canada.
G. Bures Miller: * 1960 Vegreville, Canada.
Live in Berlin, Germany, and Grindrod, Canada.

Emily Carr
1871 - 1945 Victoria, Canada.

Mariana Castillo Deball
* 1975 Mexico City, Mexico. Lives in Berlin, Germany.

Paul Chan
* 1973 Hong Kong, China. Lives in New York, USA.

Kudzanai Chiurai
* 1981 Harare, Zimbabwe. Lives in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Critical Art Ensemble
Formed in 1987 in Tallahassee/Florida, USA. Collective of tactical media practitioners of various specializations.

Abraham Cruzvillegas
* 1968 Mexico City, Mexico; lives there.

István Csákány
* 1978 Sepsiszentgyörgy, Romania. Lives in Budapest, Hungary.

Attila Csörgő
* 1965 Budapest, Hungary; lives there.

Antoni Cumella
* 1913 Granollers, Spain. + 1985.


Salvador Dalí
1904 - 1989 Figueres, Spain.

Tacita Dean
* 1965 Canterbury, U.K. Lives in Berlin, Germany.

Mark Dion
* 1961 New Bedford/MA, USA. Lives in New York, USA.

Thea Djordjadze
* 1971 Tiflis, Georgia. Lives in Berlin, Germany.

Willie Doherty
* 1959 Derry, Northern Ireland. Lives in County Donegal.

Trisha Donnelly
* 1974 San Francisco, USA; lives there.

Sam Durant
* 1961 Seattle, USA. Lives in Los Angeles, USA.

Jimmie Durham
* 1940 Washington, Arkansas, USA. Lives in Berlin, Germany, and Rome, Italy.


Daniel Gustav Cramer & Haris Epaminoda
D. G. Cramer: * 1975 Neuss, Germany. Lives in Berlin, Germany.
H. Epaminoda: * 1980 Nicosia, Cyprus. Lives in Berlin, Germany.

Cevdet Erek
* 1974 Istanbul, Turkey; lives there.


Faivovich & Goldberg
Guillermo Faivovich: * 1977 Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Nicolás Goldberg: * 1978 Paris, France.
They live in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Matias Faldbakken
* 1973 Hobro, Denmark. Lives in Oslo, Norway.

Geoffrey Farmer
* 1967 British Columbia, Canada. Lives in Vancouver, Canada.

Omer Fast
* 1972 Jerusalem, Israel. Lives in Berlin, Germany.

Lara Favaretto
* 1973 Treviso, Italy. Lives in Turin, Italy.

Ceal Floyer
* 1968 Karachi, Pakistan (British origin). Lives in Berlin, Germany.

Llyn Foulkes
* 1934 Yakima, Washington, USA. Lives in Los Angeles, USA.

Abul Qasem Foushanji
* 1987 Herat, Afghanistan. Lives in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Chiara Fumai
* 1978 Rome, Italy. Lives in Milan, Italy.


Rene Gabri
* 1968 Tehran, Iran. Lives in New York, USA.

Ryan Gander
* 1976 Chester, UK. Lives in London, UK.

Dora García
* 1965 Valladolid, Spain. Lives in Barcelona, Spain.

Mario García Torres
* 1975 Monclova, Mexico. Lives in Mexico City, Mexico.

Theaster Gates
* 1973 Chicago, USA; lives there.

Jeanno Gaussi
* 1973 Kabul, Afghanistan. Lives in Berlin, Germany.

Mariam Ghani
* 1978 New York, USA; lives there. Afghan/Lebanese background.

Symrin Gill
* 1959 Singapore. Lives in Sydney, Australia, and Port Dickson, Malaysia.

Julio González
* 1876 Barcelona, Spain.
+ 1942 Arcueil, France.


Zainab Haidary
* 1990 Kabul, Afghanistan; lives there.

Fiona Hall
* 1953 Sydney, Australia. Lives in Adelaide, Australia.

Florian Hecker
* 1975 Augsburg, Germany. Lives in Kissing, Germany, and Vienna, Austria.

Tamara Henderson
* 1982 Sackville, Canada. Lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

Susan Hiller
* 1940 Tallahassee, Florida, USA. Lives in London, UK.

Horst Hoheisel
* 1944 Poznań, Poland. Lives in Kassel, Germany.

Judith Hopf
* 1969 Karlsruhe, Germany. Lives in Berlin, Germany.

Khaled Hourani
with Amjad Ghannam & Rashid Masharawi
K. Hourani: * 1965 Hebron, Palestine. Lives in Ramallah, Palestine.

Pierre Huyghe
* 1962 Paris, France.


Sanja Iveković
* 1949 Zagreb, Croatia; lives there.


Emily Jacir
* 1970 Bethlehem, Palestine. Lives in Ramallah, Palestine, and New York, USA.

Toril Johannessen
* 1978 Norway. Lives in Bergen, Norway.

Joan Jonas
* 1936 New York, USA; lives there.

Brian Jungen
* 1970 Fort St. John, Canada. Lives in Vancouver, Canada.


Rudolf Kaesbach
* 1873 Mönchengladbach, Germany.
+ 1955 Berlin, Germany.

Robin Kahn
and La Cooperativa Unidad Nacional Mujeres Saharauis (The National Union of Women from Western Sahara)
Robin Kahn: * 1961 New York, USA; lives there.

Masood Kamandy
* 1981 Fort Collins, Colorado, USA (Afghan origin). Lives in Los Angeles, USA.

Amar Kanwar
* 1964 New Delhi, India; lives there.

William Kentridge
* 1955 Johannesburg, South Africa; lives there.

Hassan Khan
* 1975 London, UK. Lives in Cairo, Egypt.

Erkki Kurenniemi
* 1941 Hämeenlinna, Finland.


Adriana Lara
* 1978 Mexico City, Mexico; lives there.

Horacio Larrain Barros
* 1929 Santiago de Chile.

Dinh Q. Le
in collaboration with Vu Giang Huong, Quang Tho, Huynh Phuong Dong, Nguyen Thu, Truong Hieu, Phan Oanh, Nguyen Toan Thi, Duong Anh, Minh Phuong, Kim Tien, Quach Phong, Nguyen Thanh Chau.
* 1968 Ha-Tien, Vietnam. Lives in Los Angeles, USA, and Ho-Chi-Minh-City, Vietnam.

Gabriel Lester
* 1972 Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Lives there and in Shanghai, China.

David Link
* 1971 Düsseldorf, Germany. Lives in Cologne, Germany.

Maria Loboda
* 1979 Krakow, Poland. Lives in London, UK.

Mark Lombardi
* 1951 Syracuse, New York, USA. + 2000 New York.

Aníbal López
Alias A-1 53167. * 1964 Guatemala; lives there.

Renata Lucas
* 1971 Ribeirão Preto, Brazil. Lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Marcos Lutyens and Raimundas Malašauskas, featuring Sissel Tolaas
M. Lutyens: * 1964 London, UK. Lives in Los Angeles, USA.
R. Malašauskas: * 1973 Vilnius, Lithuania. Lives in Paris, France.
S. Tolaas: * 1963 Stavanger, Norway. Lives in Berlin, Germany.


Goshka Macuga
* 1967 Warsaw, Poland. Lives in London, UK.

Anna Maria Maiolino
* 1942 Scalea, Calabria, Italy. Lives in São Paulo, Brazil.

Nalini Malani
* 1946 Karachi, Pakistan. Lives in Mumbai, India.

Man Ray
* 1880 born as Emmanuel Radnitzky, Philadelphia, USA.
+ 1976 Paris, France.

Maria Martins
* 1894 Campanha, Brazil.
+ 1973 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Francesco Matarrese
* 1950 Molfetta, Italy.

Fabio Mauri
1926 - 2009 Rome, Italy.

Julie Mehretu
* 1970 Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. Lives in New York, USA.

John Menick
* 1976 White Plains, New York, USA.

Christoph Menke
* 1958 Cologne, Germany. Lives in Berlin, Germany.

Gustav Metzger
* 1926 Nuremberg, Germany.

Lee Miller
* 1907 Poughkeepsie, New York, USA.
+ 1977 Chiddingly, UK.

Aman Mojadidi
* 1971 Jacksonville, USA (Afghan origin). Lives in Kabul, Dubai, and Paris.

MOON Kyungwon & JEON Joonho
Moon K.: * 1969 Seoul, South Korea.
Jeon J.: * 1969 Busan, South Korea.
Live in Seoul, South Korea.

Gareth Moore
* 1975 Matsqui, Canada.

Giorgio Morandi
1890 - 1964 Bologna, Italy.

Rabih Mroué
* 1967 Beirut, Lebanon; lives there.

Zanele Muholi
* 1972 Umlazi, Durban, South Africa. Lives in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Christian Philipp Müller
* 1957 Biel, Switzerland. Lives in Kassel and Berlin, Germany.


M.A. Numminen
* 1940 Somero, Finland. Lives in Helsinki, Finland.


Objects damaged during the Lebanese Civil War (1975–90)

Shinro Ohtake
* 1955 Tokyo, Japan. Lives in Uwajima, Japan.

Rahraw Omarzad
* 1964 Kabul, Afghanistan; lives there.

Roman Ondák
* 1966 Žilina, Slovakia. Lives in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Füsun Onur
* 1938 Istanbul, Turkey; lives there.

The Otolith Group
Londonbased artist-led group, founded in 2002 by Anjalika Sagar and Kodwo Eshun.


Christodoulos Panayiotou
* 1978 Limassol, Cyprus. Lives there and in Paris, France.

Giuseppe Penone
* 1947 Garessio, Italy. Lives in Turin, Italy, and Paris, France.

Claire Pentecost
* 1956 Atlanta, USA. Lives in Chicago, USA.

Susan Philipsz
* 1965 Glasgow, Scotland, UK. Lives in Berlin, Germany.

Pratchaya Phinthong
* 1974 Bangkok,Thailand; lives there.

Sopheap Pich
* 1971 Koh Kralaw, Cambodia. Lives in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Lea Porsager
* 1981 Denmark.

Michael Portnoy
* 1971 Washington, D.C. Lives in New York, USA.

Margaret Preston
* 1875 Adelaide, Australia.
+ 1963 Sydney, Australia.

Seth Price
* 1973 East Jerusalem, Palestine. Lives in New York, USA.

Ana Prvacki
* 1976 Serbia, Ex- Yugoslavia. Lives in Los Angeles, USA, and Singapore.


Walid Raad
* 1967 Chbanieh, Lebanon. Lives in Beirut, Lebanon, and New York, USA.

Michael Rakowitz
* 1973 Great Neck, NY, USA, (Iraqi background). Lives in Chicago, USA.

Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook
* 1957 Trad, Thailand. Lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Doreen Reid Nakamarra
* mid-1950s near Warburton, Australia.
+ 2009 Adelaide, Australia.

Pedro Reyes
* 1972 Mexico City, Mexico; lives there.

Gunnar Richter
* 1953 Hamburg, Germany.

Stuart Ringholt
* 1971 Perth, Australia. Lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Ruth Robbins & Red Vaughan Tremmel
R. Robbins: * 1974, lives in Houston, USA.
R. Vaughan Tremmel: * 1970, lives in New Orleans, USA.

Juana Marta Rodas & Julia Isidrez
J. M. Rodas * 1925, her daughter Julia Isidrez * 1967, Paraguay. Both live in Itá, Paraguay.

Paul Ryan
* 1943 New York, USA.

Hannah Ryggen
* 1894 Sweden. + 1970 Ørland, Norway.

Aase Texmon Rygh
* 1925 Norway.


Natascha Sadr Haghighian
* 1967 Teheran, Iran. Lives in Berlin, Germany.

Anri Sala
* 1974 Tirana, Albania. Lives in Berlin, Germany.

Charlotte Salomon
* 1917 Berlin, Germany
+ 1943 murdered in Auschwitz.

Issa Samb
* 1945 Senegal. Lives in Dakar, Senegal. Alias Joe Ouakam.

Ines Schaber with Avery F. Gordon
I. Schaber lives in Berlin, Germany.

Tino Sehgal
* 1976 London, UK. Lives in Berlin, Germany.

Albert Serra
* 1975 Banyoles, Spain. Lives in Barcelona, Spain.

Tejal Shah
* 1979 Bhilai, India. Lives in Mumbai, India.

Wael Shawky
* 1971 Alexandria, Egypt; lives there.

Zolaykha Sherzad
* 1967 Kabul, Afghanistan. Lives in New York, USA, and Kabul.

Nedko Solakov
* 1957 Tcherven Briag, Bulgaria. Lives in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Song Dong
* 1966 Beijing, China; lives there.

Tamás St.Turba
* 1944 Fót, Hungary. Lives in Budapest, Hungary.

Alexandra Sukhareva
* 1983 Moscow, Russia; lives there.


Mika Taanila
* 1965 Helsinki, Finland; lives there.

Mohsen Taasha
* 1991 Kabul, Afghanistan; lives there.

Alexander Tarakhovsky
* 1955 Chernivtsi, Ukraine.

Javier Téllez
* 1969 Valencia, Venezuela. Lives in Berlin, Germany, and New York, USA.

Warwick Thornton
* 1970 Alice Springs, Australia; lives there.

e-flux: Julieta Aranda & Anton Vidokle
J. Aranda: * 1975 Mexico City, Mexico.
They live in Berlin, Germany, and New York, USA.

Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri
* 1959 on a hillside east of Kiwirrkurra, Western Australia.

Rosemarie Trockel
* 1952 Schwerte, Germany. Lives in Cologne, Germany.


Vandy Rattana
* 1980 Phnom Penh, Cambodia; lives there.

Vann Nath
* 1946 Wat Sopee, Cambodia.
+ 2011 Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Adrián Villar Rojas
* 1980 Rosario, Argentina. Lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Jeronimo Voss
* 1981 Hamm/Westphalia, Germany. Lives in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

Vu Giang Huong
1930 - 2011 Hanoi, Vietnam.


Jessica Warboys
* 1977 Newport, UK. Lives in London and Paris, France.

Lori Waxman
* 1976 Montreal, Canada. Lives in Chicago, USA.

Apichatpong Weerasethakul
in collaboration with Chaisiri Jiwarangsan
A. Weerasethakul : * 1970 Bangkok, Thailand; lives there.
C. Jiwarangsan: 1983 Bangkok, Thailand.

Lawrence Weiner
* 1942 Bronx, New York, USA. Lives in New York and Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The Worldly House
Archive inspired by Donna Haraway's writings on multispecies co-evolution. Compiled and presented by Tue Greenfort.


Yan Lei
* 1965 Hebei, China. Lives in Beijing, China.

Haegue Yang
* 1971 Seoul, Korea; lives there and in Berlin, Germany.


Akram Zaatari
* 1966 Saida, Lebanon. Lives in Beirut, Lebanon.

* 1964 Kabul, Afghanistan. Lives in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Anton Zeilinger
* 1945. Professor of Physics at the University of Vienna and Director of the Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

Konrad Zuse
* 1910 Berlin. + 1995 Hünfeld, Germany. From 1936 to 1938, he created the Z1, the first programmable machine based on a binary switching mechanism.

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dOCUMENTA (13) Teilnehmer
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© Diese Liste ist KEIN offizielles
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von Informationen der
dOCUMENTA (13) und diversen
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