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Pat Binder: Lookouts - Landscapes

Lookouts - Landscapes

Books, concrete, milk bottles, old glas slides
80 x 25 x 30 cm, each

At a London flea market, Pat Binder came across large black-and-white slides in a metal box. She found them to be evidence of an ideal world far in the past, as most of them showed idyllic landscapes taken several decades ago. The majority were motifs of rivers, lakes, ponds or other bodies of water. Like a laboratory experiment, she mounted the slides on milk bottles. As a result, the glass plates appear as carriers of the ultra-thin, highly sensitive layer of an object under inspection (the intact landscapes), and the neck of the bottle becomes a magnifying glass or microscope. Together with the books, on which heavy concrete bricks rest like architectural structures, a new, artificial landscape takes shape, fragile and compact, visual and spiritual.

Pat Binder

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